Thursday, June 30, 2022

My latest column: “Vatican Shell Game”


Vatican Shell Game

June 30, 2022


The World Meeting of Families was kicked off with a song glorifying King David’s adultery. Attendees were treated to the performance of Cohen’s Hallelujah in the Paul VI audience hall.

How does that set the tone for a Catholic event affirming the sacrament of marriage? It doesn’t. So, why have it?

Pope Francis’ comments to open the meeting held in Rome in late June sounded fine. But why titillate people beforehand with sounds and mental images of adulterous behavior, which do not prepare them well at all to receive high-sounding words about fidelity and the call to holiness? One commentator described Cohen’s lyrics as “tired, faithless, despairing and cynical.” I would stop at “not Catholic.”
What we are experiencing at times seems like a giant shell game.

The premise of the shell game suggests to a credulous observer that a single object is hidden beneath one of a number of “shells” or coverings and dares him to guess the location of the object, which is constantly moving.

Old games, new tricks. As always, “Caveat emptor”; buyer beware.
The Catholic in the pew these days continually searches with difficulty for the Catholic content underneath the various projects and promotions out of Rome. Everything has a Catholic cover, but scratch the surface, look behind the veneer, and often you do not find what should be there.

Of all the music to choose for a performance at the Vatican, why this?

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