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Sunday 8 am Traditional Latin Mass at SDDS

 “Diverse” means containing variety. That describes well the faithful group of old, young and every age in between who attend the weekly Sunday TLM.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The culpable silence of Rome and betrayal of Christ in the Chinese Church

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Cdl. Joseph Zen in Hong Kong, China, Aug. 18, 2018.Paul Yeung/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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(LifeSiteNews) –  On Wednesday it was announced that Cardinal Joseph Zen had been arrested by the authorities in Hong Kong. The investigation and arrest was made by the special police section set up by the government of Beijing to watch over Chinese national security, that is, to suppress any form of dissent or protest over the violations of human rights committed by the Chinese dictatorship.

The elderly Cardinal – who in the past has expressed strong criticism of the secret agreement signed between the Chinese regime and the Holy See – was interrogated and then released on bail. His passport was also confiscated. What has happened is a very grave violation of the freedoms and rights enjoyed by every human person, all the more deplorable in the case of a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. The Vatican Press Office, with obvious embarrassment, limited itself to expressing “concern” without making any formal protest to the Beijing government. Only a few days earlier, ten other priests of the Baoding community, who belong to the clandestine Church, were abducted and sent to forced “re-education” by the Chinese Communist Party because they were unwilling to join the patriotic sect, adding to the list of abuses and oppression against Catholics who are faithful to the underground Church.

The poisoned fruits of the Sino-Vatican Agreement are now apparent. The Bergoglian church prefers to remain silent about the persecution of Catholics who belong to the clandestine Church after having handed them over to retaliations at the hands of the patriotic sect and the Chinese Communist Party. In exchange, Beijing rewards the Holy See for its services with substantial annual funding: the mercenaries allow themselves to be bought with thirty pieces of silver that are dripping with the blood of the martyrs of the Church of silence.

In September 2020, on the eve of the renewal of that infamous agreement, Cardinal Zen came to Rome to meet Bergoglio, who humiliated him with an indignant refusal to meet with him because of the Chinese Cardinal’s well-known position on the Sino-Vatican Agreement and its repeated violations. This affront against a Prince of the Church gave a clear signal to the Chinese dictatorship, which then felt free to act without fearing consequences or that the Vatican would take a position. The tenant of the Vatican, however, finds time to receive high-ranking representatives of the New World Order, representatives of globalism and usurious finance, dictators and war criminals, and even the wives of the soldiers fighting in the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, which in the past few days used civilians as human shields during the Russian siege of the Azovstal steel plant. Someone pointed out that the Russian-Canadian activist Pyotr Verzilov accompanied two Ukrainian wives to the papal audience: he is the founder and spokesman of the feminist group Pussy Riot, known for carrying out profanations and sacrileges against Orthodox churches in Russia, following the model of Femen in the West. It leaves us disconcerted that the representative of an anti-Christian movement that has made blasphemy the heart of its subversive action has been admitted to an audience at the Vatican.

This attitude of unequalled duplicity, that is anything but ambiguous, shows how Bergoglio’s deep church is totally aligned not only with the psycho-pandemic narrative but also with the insane management of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis by the deep state. Cardinal Zen is added to the dubia Cardinals in the list of those to whom Bergoglio has never responded to or received in audience, even as he has personally handwritten a letter of support to James Martin, S.J. With that umpteenth endorsement, Bergoglio confirms that he intends to normalize the pan-sexualism of the infamous LGBTQ ideology within the Catholic Church, and along with it the consequent eternal perdition of many souls.

The wisdom and prudence of Vatican diplomacy, a precious legacy of centuries of experience that was once admired by all the chanceries of the world, is today under the guidance of Pietro Parolin but a distant memory: courtly interests, economic profits, and criminal connivances all shamelessly prevail right before the eyes of both God and men. The faithful look on scandalized at the transformation of the Holy See into a den of thieves (Lk 19:46).

I exhort my brother bishops and priests as well as faithful laity to support His Eminence with prayer, expressing your closeness and solidarity with him at this difficult time. May the trials to which Cardinal Zen is being subjected merit from Heaven that reward which the Lord has promised to those who serve the Holy Church with fidelity and who remain steadfast in the Faith, without allowing themselves to be contaminated by the spirit of the world.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

13 May 2022

Sancta Missa: Santa Maria in Sabbato

My parish family at Mass on Saturday morning. Top with sacristan Jamie at center and bottom with yours truly. 

Men’s Confraternity meeting after Saturday morning Mass.

Divisive liturgy? Cardinal Marx uses novus ordo to promote violation of Church moral teaching

There are widespread claims, promoted and fueled by the pope in Traditionis custodes, that the traditional Latin language liturgy of the Church is divisive. Where is the evidence? My parish family, with traditional Latin Mass daily, gives full assent of intellect and will to all that the Church teaches in matters of faith and morals. That sounds a lot like unity to me.

There is evidence, however, that the novus ordo Mass of Vatican II is used to divide the Church. And this thanks to no less than a leading Cardinal of the German church.

Here is Cardinal Marx, a well-known ally of the pope, promoting sodomy as a Christian good in the context of the new Mass created after Vatican II. 

Why, you might ask, are we being gaslighted on this issue? Why is the truth denied and replaced with a lie? Usually the most obvious answer is the correct one. The traditional Latin Mass cannot be twisted to promote the godless and satanic agenda of unnatural sexual activity dear to the heart of so many bishops today.


Friday, May 13, 2022

My latest column: “Liturgical and Cultural Diversity”

Liturgical And Cultural Diversity


The same Church leaders calling for cultural diversity are proposing to injure it through a plan to eliminate the liturgical diversity which underlies it.

Cultural diversity is a current touchstone in the Church. The Archdiocese of Washington has planned a high visibility meeting about the matter this month. Each parish in the archdiocese has been tasked with sending a priest, religious, or deacon to the meeting as a representative. An auxiliary bishop is representing the archbishop as head of the proceedings. Expectations are high for attendance and participation.

The concern for cultural diversity underlying this extraordinary effort to draw attention to the matter is no doubt fueled in part by the huge influx of immigrants, many of them illegal, in recent years. The social turbulence and economic strain of this phenomenon is impacting the Washington region and the local Church more intensely as the state of Texas sends a series of busloads of illegal immigrants to D.C. in recent weeks.

Some of the immigrants immediately ask for assistance in reaching the state of Florida, destination of many legal citizens seeking to escape the draconian eclipse of human rights in many areas of the country. Others of these newcomers, however, will seek to stay locally, becoming a concern for the social justice apostolate of local citizens and faithful of the archdiocese.

The Church of Washington, D.C., encompassing as it does the international capital of the same name, is by its nature a culturally diverse region of diplomatic, governmental, media, and other aspects of a significant global informational, political, and economic hub. Ethnic diversity is both a blessing and a challenge. Every culture brings enrichment while persons with their needs each present challenges. Poverty, joblessness, homelessness, and communication challenges and the lack of other basic needs call for a compassionate response.

The Church by her nature as both one and universal is culturally diverse. This is God’s plan and it is good. Many different languages and nations make up the universal Body of Christ. This is true also of our local Church, which encompasses the city of Washington, D.C., and the surrounding five counties within the state of Maryland.

From the perspective of faith, however, spurred as it is by the love of Christ, an intercultural approach will treasure the gifts of each while at the same time being in a sense blind to differences, upholding uppermost as is necessary the human dignity of each that subsists regardless of ethnicity, language, origin, or religion.

The mission of the Church for the glory of God and the salvation of souls should influence all that we do. Our Catholic Christian faith, holding as it does love of God as the defining principle of our lives, stipulates that our love of others finds its basis and motivation in love of God. In fact, these form the two greatest Commandments as handed down by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Ethnic diversity can provide unique challenges in matters of basic human needs, and the Church rightly calls for her members to join efforts in generously meeting them, but the mission of the Church is, in the first place, to offer to each the greatest wealth that is possible for any human being in this world. As St. Peter, the first Pope, responded when challenged to assist another in poverty, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give you: in the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk” (Acts 3:6).

However impoverished the Church may be in worldly means, whatever the material needs of those who approach her in a culturally diverse social environment, she must never lose sight of the perspective of faith, her greatest “treasure,” and must never fail to offer this greatest treasure to all of humanity.

In this Easter season we recount once again the sending of the apostles, commissioned by the Lord, to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ (Matt. 28:19). The Church is therefore by her nature universal, potentially encompassing all ethnicities, destined to embrace the entire human race. Our identity as Catholics calls for each of us to embrace a fundamental option for the other, no matter his or her language, origin, or ethnicity.

Genetic origin within the one human race, however, is not the only criterion for cultural diversity. We will impoverish ourselves intellectually and spiritually if we define terms down in order to speak to the surrounding zeitgeist while neglecting to uplift the conversation by enriching it with unique insights possible from the perspective of faith.

Culture finds its root in the word “cultus,” which helps us to understand that true culture is an outgrowth or fruit of religion or faith. The culture of the West, born of Christianity and specifically the Catholic Church, now under ferocious assault in many places, is one such outgrowth made possible by millennia of life in tandem with the worship which many of us already share.

Cultural diversity must, therefore, be found in the different kinds of cult, or worship. If it is asserted that the Mass of Vatican II, since it was created in the 1960’s, is one authentic source of cultus, or religious faith, both in the worship which expresses it and the daily life it upholds, how much more so the missa antiquior, the Traditional Latin Mass, from which the missa recentior comes, with its vast treasury of musical and other arts that both support it and express its spirit.

Cultural diversity in the Church is upheld by different forms of prayer, all of them legitimate and none of them taking away from the unity of the Church, any more than people from different languages or cultures need by that reason be divided.

Unity is never threatened by diversity of any kind. That unity brought by God through Catholic worship old or new is not threatened by liturgical diversity any more than political, intellectual, or economic society is threatened by immigrants old or new from wherever they might come. The only threat to diversity is hatred of another people or another culture’s gifts or legitimate expressions, however different from one’s own.

Cultural diversity in the Church depends upon acceptance and flourishing of many different kinds of worship, if in conformity with revealed truth and thus equally helpful for religious faith and the fruits of love of God through public prayer. There have always existed a diversity of rites within the universal Church.

My own parish is a rich melting pot of cultures, no matter how distant we may be from the metropolitan center of our local Church. We offer both forms of the liturgy, the old and the new that was born from it a little more than fifty years ago. The Traditional liturgy draws Asian, Black, and Native American Catholics as well as those of European descent.

Because there is no diversity of culture without diversity of cultus one could say that acting with prejudice toward any cult of worship, whether old or new, is harming or wounding the true sources of both diversity and culture. At the same time unity is wounded and weakened and, with it, the reflection of God which is found where all sources of division are put aside.

Cultural diversity calls for diversity of cultus, or religious expression, for a Church enriched by different ways of praying no matter the differences or ethnicity of those who pray. Unity will be wounded and harmed in a Church which artificially discriminates against her own richness of variety in liturgical patrimony.

Thank you for reading and praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever. Support faithful Catholic journalism by subscribing to The Wanderer Catholic Newspaper today.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Modernist in a Position of Power


     One of the hallmarks of the Modernist, as explained by Pope Pius X, is his apparent ambivalence. Saint Pius points out that the Modernist might appear to hesitate at times, speaking tentatively, as though his mind is not settled but is still searching for the truth. The fact is that the Modernist knows exactly what he believes (or disbelieves) and precisely what he wants to accomplish: the complete “renewal” of the Catholic Church according to Modernist principles, beginning with the very definition of the word “faith.” But the Modernist does his most damaging work by sowing confusion: he acts in self-contradictory ways, one day pronouncing boldly revolutionary statements, and the next day appearing pious and even traditional in his devotions. One day appointing radicals to positions of power in the Church, the next day taking action to signal the upholding of Catholic doctrine or discipline. By acting thus erratically, the Modernist in position of authority progressively transforms the Church from the Church of Christ, the supernatural institution for the salvation of souls, in the Church of the World, a natural institution dedicated first to social justice.

Maryland Citizens - Join The Effort To Petition HB 937 To The Ballot

Defend Life is one source for this info regarding a critical petition drive to get an extreme abortion bill to Maryland's ballot this election cycle. Maryland citizens, please get to your churches and elsewhere and spread the word. 

Babies need your help.  Start NOW to get the 25,000 signatures needed by May 31 and the additional 50,000 needed by June 30 to get on the November ballot to overturn this EVIL law. Make available on Sundays after Mass.

Print out plenty of petitions, bring pens and clipboards. Remember that each petition can only take 5 signatures, so if you think you can get 200 names, you need to print at least 40 petition forms. 

All the details and requirement are printed and linked BELOW. If you still have questions, contact PRO-LIFE activist Rob Bart at 410-963-2001.

 Please FWD this to every PRO-LIFE friend you have in Maryland. 

Linked below are the documents you need to start your petition drive to defeat HB937, The Abortion Care Access Act. 

The Petition document contains the petition with an instruction page for obtaining signatures as successfully as possible. The petition MUST be printed out so that the signature page is on one side of the page and the text of the law is on the other side. Read the instruction page very carefully and make sure your volunteers understand them, too. Use separate pages for signers from different counties.   

This is the Voter Look-Up website:  Use this site (QR code on the Instructions) to make sure the name on the petition is the same as your Voter Registration Record. 

Please give this effort your best efforts. As you know, we have a tight deadline with a mountain to climb. We need a minimum of 25,000 signatures from across the state by midnight on May 31 and another 50,000 signatures by midnight on June 30 to get this on the November ballot. 

The full text of the law is linked here and below. Have a few copies available so that the signers can read the full text of the law if they choose to do so.  We are opposing 2 parts of the law - the removal of the physician requirement and the requirement for insurance providers to cover abortion without copays or deductibles. Maryland law prohibits opposing laws or parts of laws that are considered part of the state operating budget, so we are not opposing the Medicaid funding or the training program funding 

The flyer linked here and below may be printed out and copied to distribute and to post on your bulletin or message boards. 

The website will go live on Tuesday, May 10. There is a QR code for the website, but the website is not live yet. Linked here and below is the flyer with the QR code for the website. 

Please share the links and this email with family and friends. Review each petition thoroughly to make sure all spaces are completed before you sign as Circulator, then mail them back, address on the Instructions.

Any questions, please email me at or call at443-963-2001. 

Here are links to 3 pdf documents. 

Petition and instructions with QR codes:

Flyer with QR code:   

Text of the Law:

Monday, May 9, 2022

Vatican, under guise of “Synod”, actively promoting sodomy


… can be found here: is the official site for the “Synod on Synodality” currently underway at the Vatican under the initiative of Pope Francis.

All of the people behind this propaganda are promoting disunity in regard to Catholic moral teaching. All of these people attend and promote the novus ordo Mass, when they do attend Mass. The novus ordo is not, however, considered a source of disunity.

The traditional Latin Mass is attended by Catholics who give full assent of intellect and will to all that the Church teaches which is necessary for salvation in matters of faith and morals but the TLM is considered a source of disunity.

Perhaps salvation is no longer considered by some in power to be the purpose of the Church? If such is the case, that would mean those persons would no longer be in union with Jesus Christ.


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Abortion does not “protect” women: sometimes it kills them along with their babies


This was Keisha Atkins.  She died following a “safe and legal” abortion performed by a physician.  The new Maryland Law, HB 937, would allow just about anyone, after being licensed and certified, to perform abortions.  

This is part of the testimony of an OB/GYN physician to the legislature regarding HB 937:

Becoming an Ob/Gyn physician requires the completion of four years of college, four years of medical school, and four years of a surgical residency in obstetrics and gynecology…… When it comes to performing procedures and administering protocols that can be life[1]threatening, there is a reason why this responsibility lays solely on the shoulders of physicians. Physicians uniquely possess the necessary knowledge base and clinical experience to give patients the best shot at a favorable outcome and a good result. 

--If prochoice advocates are truly pro-women, why would they push for women to receive substandard care? 

As you may know, a petition effort, called "The Campaign to Protect Women" has been approved by the legislature.  If sufficient signatures (70,000) are collected  by the end of June then the people of Maryland can decide whether non-physicians can perform abortions.  I have attached the needed information along with a photo of a young woman who died following a "safe and legal" abortion.  

The website will be going live on Tuesday, May 10, if you need further information.  

Oppose Maryland’s legislature and their criminal attempt to put desperate women in the hands of non-physician abortionists.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Old Saint Mary’s in DC restores statue of Our Lady to original place near altar


Not purely by chance that baby human haters plan to attack churches on Mother’s Day

There are no accidents.

It’s not completely by chance that the draft Supreme Court opinion in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked in the week before Mother’s Day which always falls on a Sunday.

The haters of innocent human life in the womb are also haters of the exalted vocation of motherhood. They have planned their revenge on Catholics, rightly known as leaders in the defense of innocent human life from conception, and thus have chosen this coming Sunday to enter churches where they will have an audience for their ugly antics fueled by demonic rage. It is no accident that the Sunday they chose to seek an audience for their performance is also Mother’s Day.

God is making a point. Attack the child in the womb and you also violate the woman bearing His sacred Image in the child growing and living within her. Women are bearers of life and thus close to the heart and love of God who gives life.

A blessed Mother’s Day to all the women who say yes to God and cooperate so generously with Him in His holy will that life must go on. He loves every child and commands that we do the same. No exceptions.

Thank you for reading my post and praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever.


Spanish bishop laments that Biden is fashioning a religion to suit his support for abortion

Given the repeated attempts by Joe Biden to present abortion as compatible with the Catholic faith, a Spanish bishop lamented that the US president is fashioning a religion to "suit himself."

On Twitter, Bishop José Ignacio Munilla Aguirre of Orihuela-Alicante shared May 4 a picture of Biden referencing the president’s statement that “Roe says what all basic mainstream religions have historically concluded, that the existence of a human life and being is a question.”

Commenting on Biden's remarks, the prelate warned that "when we are not faithful to the received faith, we tend to fashion a religion to suit ourselves."

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Abortion is backup for consequence -free sexual gratification and sinful selfishness


Overturn Roe: Abortion is racist genocide

“It is black women who are with-child who are targeted by Planned Parenthood. It is a genocide of African-Americans by way of abortion that literally the party of the KKK, the Dems, have always pushed: “Kill ’em all!” scream the Dems!”

“But wait… what? Black Dem politicians have pushed for genocide of black babies? Yes.

“The liberal mass media and the Dems pushing for abortion, black and white, but mostly rich, elite white Dems, like 99%, what to wipe all black people from the face of the earth. And the few black news anchors or squadrons of black politicians hotly lusting for abortion… just… wow…

“Do you know who wants to save the lives of black people, those defenseless black babies? It’s mostly poor white Catholics. Yep. Poor white Catholics are called “white supremacists.” No. That would be the KKK, and they are wanting all blacks, Jews and Catholics dead, do they not? Catholics are for life. But what about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry et alii, you ask? They have removed themselves from all that good and holy, all that is Catholic. Catholics are pro-life, absolutely, from natural conception to natural death. We don’t want to abort the least of the brethren of Jesus, who was Himself so tiny in the womb of Mary for nine months.”


Fight racism at the source: refuse Holy Communion to racist abortion enablers Biden, Pelosi and the rest.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Loving the new Twitter


Overturn Roe v. Wade

However horrific to imagine people will indeed slaughter their own children. The state, however, has no authority whatsoever to involve the whole nation in the fraud and farce of “baptizing” such a barbarous and heinous sin and crime by legalizing it.

The consequences for civilization of removing all protection for the preborn have been disastrous in the resulting lack of respect for all human lives. Human interaction of various kinds in many areas of life is now characterized by violent words and sometimes violent and fatal actions rather than calm and respectful dialogue gear preserves the good of persons.

Overturn Roe v Wade now.

The “hermeneutic of continuity” in one image


Dershowitz: “There's Never Been a Leak Like This'”

The latest:

Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

Monday night's leaked Supreme Court draft to unravel the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion appears not only to be authentic, but a deliberate attempt to "pressure" the justices, constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax.

"This has the sign of authenticity," Dershowitz told Monday's "Rob Schmitt Tonight." "It also to me, and this is just a theory, but I think it's maybe correct: The leak was very deliberately – perhaps by a law clerk who was very strongly opposed to reversing Roe v. Wade – seeking to make it public now so that pressure could be put on the Supreme Court, either by an act of Congress to pack the court, or an act of Congress making a federal legislative right of every woman to have an abortion based on the Commerce Clause."

Dershowitz, who has 57 years' experience with the Supreme Court, having been a clerk and a Harvard Law professor, added that "in all the years I've been following the Supreme Court, there's never been a leak like this."

"But this was not just an inadvertent leak," Dershowitz told host Rob Schmitt as the news was breaking from the Politico-leaked draft. "I think this was an act of civil disobedience engaged in by a determined law clerk who thought it was so serious that a woman's right to abortion will be taken away that they were willing to risk their bar, their career, their heritage on this, because this is going to be investigated."

The leaker – potentially trying to be a "hero of the left" – Politico, and the reporter are sure to be investigated amid an unprecedented set of circumstances, according to Dershowitz.

"The FBI is going to be called in," he continued. "There's going to be an attempt to break the journalist privilege. There's going to be an attempt to call Politico and demand of them that they reveal the source.

"Politico won't do it, but the case may go all the way to the Supreme Court on that issue as well."

Dershowitz noted Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, his own law student, has to be frustrated he has lost control amid years of partisan attacks on the independence and balance of the court.

Read the rest:

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