Thursday, April 27, 2023

My latest column: ”Family, Media, And The New Paganism”


April 27, 2023


Most parents have influence over their children only until they begin attending school. Any school: public or private. Catholic schools hire from the same pool of workers as public schools. Sr. Mary Constance is not teaching your child at St. Local’s Catholic School anymore. Parents can reasonably only expect the quality of parental Catholic modeling in the Catholic schoolroom to be as good as the lowest common denominator of typical adult catechesis.

Sometimes it turns out to be much worse. You’ve all read about the trans and LGBTQ incursion even into Catholic schools. See the stats about lawsuits resulting when a “Catholic” teacher or school staff member was discovered via Facebook post to have “married” another adult of the same sex. Here is not just advocacy of immorality but the immoral incarnate — in immediate proximity to Catholic schoolchildren. The primary original reason for Catholic education, to hand on the Catholic faith and the morals attendant upon it, in such cases is vitiated. The font is poisoned at its source.

Home-schoolers maximize parental influence over offspring by completely eliminating the group schoolroom supervised by an unrelated, and sometimes unknown, adult. I would suspect that the same subset of families also has at least one meal in common each day. The family meal has been proven over and over again to be an important indicator of positive family bonding and parental influence over children, ostensibly for the better.

Various factors in the modern context of pervasive media are always warring against family bonding and parental influence. The absurd extreme is the public school indoctrination of children into trans, LQBTQ, and other sexually related matters while at the same time instructing the children to not discuss the same with their parents.

The COVID school shutdown and resulting virtual education of children exposed this for any parent with a minimal attention span. Perversion indoctrination was now taking place in the family home — sometimes while the parents were present. The resulting uproar in Virginia, as one example, is credited with responsibility, in part, with the election of a Republican governor who ran on support for parental rights.

The modern context torn asunder from God throws out the right of parents to hand on to their children anything which they believe is important, to include faith, which right and duty itself is grounded in God and in faith.

Some of you, perhaps many of you, given the mature average age of the typical Wanderer subscriber, will remember that once upon a time a phone was used only for talking to persons who were farther away from you than shouting distance. And for a long period, there was typically only one phone per household. Not a lot of privacy there. Unless used when nobody else was home. Soon, however, houses were built with a phone hookup in every room. Teenagers starting getting phones and the “private” telephone conversation was born.
TV was developing along the same lines. First, one TV per house, then a TV hookup in every room. Many families started splitting up in the evening after dinner to go to their own entertainment. That is, if they ate dinner together. For many families the evening meal proved to be the only together time for conversation and relationship-building for the entire day. Those families that gave up on the communal evening meal were left defenseless in the face of the media onslaught.

Now add the Internet. See where I’m going with this? All three: phone, TV, and Internet are now conveniently combined on a single device that fits in most pockets. Enter the so-called “smartphone.” This constant companion conveniently goes everywhere with you. The competition for family time is now so ubiquitous that the family conversation at dinner, if it still exists, can be clandestinely recorded, or broadcast live, without the knowledge of any of the participants.
Everybody has their own TV and ability to broadcast. See YouTube for details. This was tragically, perhaps in part, the diabolic attraction for a recent workplace shooter to visit deadly violence upon some of his colleagues. Only professional level acquaintance with the details of abnormal psychology can help to explain some of the mysterious factors in this perversion of modern technology in combination with homicidal insanity.

Thus, we see that the same factors that, in some cases, potentially increased isolation and enabled privacy can be inverted for maximizing publicity. Some forbidden images that started out as intentionally private ended up becoming public. Public shaming in schools which resulted were believed to be factors in teen suicides. No happiness with fame there. The camera phone which started the problem was also the cause via the Internet for the embarrassment and shame that precipitated a life-ending crisis in the life of young person.

The perfect storm of internet, camera or video and voice communication combined is, for many reasons, misnamed the "smartphone". Evidence abounds that the ubiquity of phones that are "smart" have not blessed the humanity of those who use them with the same quality. The legitimate concern for reduced communication within families, even while enjoying the physical proximity of the home, is a sound one. But communication between the generations has always, to some extent, been hampered by various factors.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Traditional Good Shepherd Sunday in Maryland

“Ego sum pastor bonus. Bonus pastor ánimam suam dat pro óvibus suis. Mercenárius autem et qui non est pastor, cujus non sunt oves própriæ, videt lupum veniéntem, et dimíttit oves et fugit: et lupus rapit et dispérgit oves: mercenárius autem fugit, quia mercenárius est et non pértinet ad eum de óvibus.“ Ioann. 10

Tradition lives in Maryland. The Good Shepherd provides for faithful souls.

Father Brooks, right foreground, pastor at the chapel, attended in choro.

Faithful families and souls of all ages attended. 

Priest, deacon and subdeacon offer the holy Mass.

Canadian Fr McPherson served as priest for the Mass and preached about vocations and the holy priesthood.

The deacon and subdeacon seminarians from the seminary in Dillwyn assisted. The representative group of 20 seminarians attended and assisted in schola for the Solemn High Mass which was followed by a barbecue and presentation on the seminary and the Society.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Homosexualist Lexington Bishop Stowe Hires Homosexual to Mock Our Lord

Mock and commit sacrilege with the Eucharist, do the same to our Lord. Sodom and Gomorrah is now in Lexington, Kentucky.


Bianco misrepresents the Catholic Faith. More than mere Eucharistic piety is needed to be saved, which is the purpose of the Catholic Faith. Heretics are pious, and they go to hell with their piety.

Chastity is also necessary. Those who receive the Eucharist in mortal sin for reason of delicts against chastity “eat and drink judgment” upon themselves as Saint Paul taught. Public immorality, simulating “marriage” by professing same sex activity, must also be publicly repented in addition to reception of sacramental confession before one may receive the Eucharist again, which must always be done in a state of grace.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Get it into your head: Francis is destroying the Church

Freemason Anglican bishop celebrates ‘Mass’ in papal basilica with Protestant clergy 

In the cathedral church of the bishop of Rome this happens, an intentional, symbolic cancellation of Catholic faith. Only one of many perversions to overwhelm Catholics and paralyze them. 

You must decide: Are you going to fight?

Thursday, April 13, 2023

My latest column: “Evangelizing DC In The Cassock”

April 13, 2023


Spreading the faith and saving souls is the goal of the Church and the work of the priesthood. But how to open doors? What are the means of opening a dialogue with souls? The general public must be able to see the priest in order to approach him and ask for spiritual help.

For the work of the priest there are signs of the priesthood. One of these is his garb. Many priests wear a business suit with a black shirt and white plastic insert in the flat stand-up collar. This practical garb serves to get the problem out of the way as to donning “recognizable” clerical wear.

So, the priest is recognizable. But as a Catholic? This is not assured because many denominations sport the “Roman” collar.

Fr. Lawrence Carney has been demonstrating for some time now that the best means for the priest to spread the faith is the traditional garb of the cassock.

He tells us a little about himself in the brief bio on the cover of the book which describes his mission. “Born in Wichita, Kansas, November 11, 1975, Fr. Carney was ordained to the holy priesthood at Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Wichita, Kans., May 26, 2007. Associate Pastor 2 years and Pastor for 4 years. Backpacked Europe during my 6-month sabbatical. 

“Assigned as Chaplain of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles in 2013. I walk the streets in search of souls, do parish missions, and write inspirational books to give God greater glory and to save souls” (TAN books website).

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Do not receive sacraments from heretics

 “At Seville, in Spain, the holy martyr Hermenegild, son of Leovigild, the Arian king of the Visigoths. His misbelieving father had cast him into prison on account of his confession of the Catholic Faith, and when upon the solemn night of Easter he refused to receive Easter Communion from the Arian Bishop he caused him to be smitten with the axe, and so did this king as a martyr exchange a kingdom on earth for the kingdom of heaven, [in the year 586.] “

- Roman martyrology 

Monday, April 10, 2023

Pope Francis is Persecuting the Church

Scripture, and of course Catholic teaching, instruct that such pornographic and sexual matters as are treated upon in the Disney interview video involving Pope Francis and young people are “not even to be discussed among you”.

To attack the Faith and morals of the Church is to attack the members of the Body of Christ, His Church, who must strive through temptation and human weakness with the help of grace to live up to His counsels of perfection and holiness.

To place stumbling stones in the path of humanity through demoralization and scandal is a great sin in itself. It is also a persecution of those who are weak in faith and already greatly confused in these evil times. 

Banning the legitimate traditional worship in churches on the one hand and counseling sin, calling evil good, on the other are works of Satan.

To attack the members of the Body of Christ in so many ways, the number of which grow daily, is to attack Christ in His members as the Lord made clear to Saint Paul on the road to Damascus.

The only other possible explanation for this diabolical behavior is that he is mentally deranged, for which possibility we ardently pray that there may be yet hope for the salvation of his soul.

First this report:

Francis during Holy Week: Porn Is "Rich Sexual Self-Expression"

Meeting fornicators through dating [sex] apps like Tinder is "normal," and the Church's teaching on "sex" is still "in diapers" [and not in condoms], Francis brown-nosed in front of ten anti-Catholic activists who are backed by the decadent rich of this world.

Francis' follies were filmed in June but were aired, fittingly, during Holy Week (Disney+, April 5). Among those present was a Colombian online prostitute who produces "adult content" and talked about pornography and masturbation.

Francis replied that “expressing yourself sexually is a richness,” but that “anything that diminishes real sexual expression diminishes you too, it makes you partial, and it impoverishes this richness.”

Having said such immature stupidities, Francis rightly concluded that “Christians haven't always had a mature catechesis on sex.”

Another sexually disordered woman considering herself “nonbinary” spoke about homosexuality. Francis sowed hatred and condemnation by replying that people who use the Gospel to “sow hatred” live “to condemn others because they don't know how to ask forgiveness for their own faults.”

Referring to homosexuals, Francis said, “I don’t have the right to expel anyone from the Church,” adding that “my job is to receive, always.”. In real life, Francis knows very well - as in this interview - how to cast out the good while coddling the bad guys.

A promoter of abortion gave Francis a green handkerchief, the symbol of the Argentinean infanticide movement that introduced abortion in 2020. Francis replied that he instructs priests who minister to mothers who have had abortions “not to ask many questions and be merciful, like Jesus is."

This is what Christ says about those who do evil to the little ones, "It would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea" (Mt 18:6).

“A woman [= mother] who has had an abortion cannot be left alone,” Francis said. “She must be accompanied.” On the same note, he should have said, "A priest who abuses a child cannot be left alone, he must be accompanied." Unlike abortion, child abuse is not murder.

Francis finally brown-nosed that "this is the way of the Church: all brothers and sisters, all united, each with their own points of view, their positions, some closer, some further, but brothers and sisters, one brotherhood." It is well known how angry and vulgar Francis reacts when confronted with positions he doesn't like.

And further developments:

Pornofex: Was It Really Necessary? Even Francis' Friends Are Baffled

Was it really necessary to invite a porn actress to explain to Francis that men were making specific requests to her for shooting nude videos?” the anti-Catholic asked (April 6).

La-Croix referred to Francis' Disney+ documentary "The Pope Answers" with 10 people in their early 20s, among them an internet prostitute and a former nun who now lives as a "lesbian". He told them that sex is a "beautiful thing."

“Do you know Tinder?” asks Celia, one of the participants. Ignorant Francis admitted that he does not know it, but responded: “It’s funny, young people have an eagerness to meet and that’s a good thing.” Tinder has been banned in Pakistan for immoral content.

Francis followed the conversation among the ten chosen activists talking about "benefits of masturbation." The producers insisted that Francis viewed their propaganda piece in November and did not ask for changes.

Picture: Disney+, #newsZoxrvhxfui

Jorge likely intends to plead not guilty by reason of insanity during his particular judgment.
Liam Ronan
This was just one step removed from those 'Talk Dirty to Me' chat lines.
Hardly Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
Defeat Modernism
Francis is the Archbishop of Sodom & Gomorrah, of course an anti-catholic, Judo-Masonic pig like him would do something like this. He is a wicked man for a perverse generation. He is no pope, the is Vicar of Antichrist.
Francis likes to use "Love the sinner" comments to give the impression that he's OK with homosexuality, abortion, ...every abomination.
He just doesn't say it directly so he can deny that's what he meant. Although he doesn't really have to deny it. Just shred the Dubias as they arrive.More
"Sex is a beautiful thing," but the Pope should have followed that up with St. Agustine's insights that it is beautiful only within the context of sacramental marriage between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation and unifying their love. Pope Francis should use these opportunities in meeting young people to bring them to Christ and his Church but not to confirm them in their sins.
Ivan Tomas
But what else do you need him for?
The Vicaris of this (new) world (order).
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
There is no more defense of this filthy pervert Pope. To appear on this interview is bad enough, but to speak of the "benefits of masturbation" is beyond disgusting. It is proof of how low the CAtholic Church has sunk, that CArdinals do not stand up and demand his resignation, or to stage a coup and throw him out of office as a heretic. It is no longer a case that he " is destroying" the Catholic …More

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