Wednesday, May 25, 2022

“Mass of the Ages” Episode 2 premiers Ascension Thursday

Visit for YouTube channel and more info about the premier of the second episode at 3 pm on Ascension Thursday.

A Catholic Jesuit, Fr McTeigue interviews Cameron O’Hearn, the maker of the series:

How did he get in the building?

I wasn’t aware that we were letting just anybody walk into schools without being identified. It’s been my experience that, if the entrance door of the school isn’t locked to begin with, visitors must identify themselves before getting buzzed in.

How did the shooter get into the Texas school where he killed 19 children and 2 teachers? If the exterior door wasn’t locked, why not? If the killer didn’t get buzzed in, why not? Certainly someone with a gun would never be permitted into a school if normal protocols were in place.

With all the commentary on this tragedy, why is no one asking these basic questions?


Monday, May 23, 2022

On May 24 pray for Cardinal Zen and the Church in Hong Kong


The schism has arrived and here’s how

UPDATE: The list of bishops proclaiming Catholic Faith on this matter now number 14:

Archbishop Cordileone decided that Nancy, who publicly promotes abortion, is for that reason a source of public scandal as well as personally sinful and thus unable to receive Communion in a state of grace. He requires that she abstain until publicly repentant in addition to receiving sacramental confession. 

This is a direct challenge to Pope Francis’ plan to change the Church by giving Communion to everybody, starting with adulterers.

These bishops have publicly supported Abp Cordileone:

Diocese of Oakland – Bp. Barber

Diocese of Santa Rosa – Bp. Vasa

Archdiocese of Denver – Archbp. Aquila

Diocese of Springfield – Bp. Paprocki

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas – Archbp. Naumann

Diocese of Lincoln – Bp. Conley

Archdiocese of Oklahoma City – Archbp. Coakley

Diocese of Tyler – Bp. Strickland

Diocese of Spokane – Bp. Daly

Diocese of Green Bay – Bp. Ricken

Diocese of Madison – Bp. Hying

They, too, are pushing back against Pope Francis by doing so, making more obvious a chasm created by Pope Francis, who puts them in the position of opposing him if they would remain Catholic and teach Catholic.

Pope Francis refused to align with the Catholic canons on the matter of Biden and Pelosi receiving Communion in order to avoid undermining his previously stated position opening the way for adulterers to receive the Sacrament a la Amoris Laetitia.

The schism has now become an open breach in the Church as the faithful reassert themselves against an alien regime in control of the handles of power.

There are so many examples of the ways Pope Francis is canceling the Church it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s another trick: claiming those who believe in the immemorial faith and morals of the Church of always are a “sect”:

Parish families grow with traditions of community at worship and in fellowship

Members of my parish family on May 22d after 11 am Sunday Mass and before meeting for weekly Sunday lunch at the parish hall.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Diocese of Crookston: Kneeling, bells and incense at Mass reinforced by bishop for Eucharistic reverence

In a new letter of instruction for his diocese, the bishop of Crookston strikes a blow against rupture from Catholic tradition by mandating kneeling, use of bells and incense. 

Now, priests in his diocese who desire to be Catholic in every sense will no longer have to fight myriad and perennial battles against change ancients attempting to destroy Catholic reverence from within. The pernicious fiction that Vatican II sounded a death knell for traditions of Catholic worship continues to die an agonizingly slow but needed death in order to restore true faith and practice.

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