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My latest column: “The Interior Priorities of Lent”


The Interior Priorities Of Lent

February 25, 2021


A man called recently to request a Baptism for a newborn. I couldn’t recognize his name, beating my brain to recall him as I did. I certainly did not remember him and his family attending Sunday Mass, even before COVID. To my chagrin, I explained to him that we aren’t like addicts, attending Mass for six months in order to get a child baptized, but unsure what we are going to do about our faith afterward.
More people email rather than call in their orders for sacraments. “How do I sign up for the baptismal class?” they ask. The “baptismal class” in my parish is Sunday Mass. Until death.
Yes, many bishops have suspended the obligation to attend Holy Mass. But this is while people are doing many other potentially risky things, such as going on airplane flights — not all airlines block middle seats. If we believe the Lord who offers Himself in Word and Sacrament in the Mass is number one, we must be willing to take some measure of risk, as we always have, to act on our convictions.
Lent is recommitment to our baptismal promises. Lent is the great penitential season of the Church because, through it, we prepare for the greatest celebration and reality of the Resurrection of the Lord which began with the grace of Baptism. Don’t get dissipated in distractions. There are so many today, however. How does one choose? It’s a matter of priorities: give time and attention to putting first things first.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Saint Alexander of Alexandria who cast the heretic Arius out of the Church

From the Roman Martyrology read today for tomorrow’s memorials:

At Alexandria, [in the year 326,] the glorious Elder, holy Alexander, Pope of that see, wherein he succeeded blessed Peter. He it was who cast his priest Arius out of the church when he became perverted with wicked heresy, and reprobate from the truth of God, and he was afterward one of the three hundred and eighteen fathers who condemned him in the Council of Nice. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Jesus has a way for mortal sinners to improve their intimacy with Him: it’s called the sacrament of Confession

A Jesuit priest at a Georgetown parish who gives Communion to abortion and sodomy promoter Joe Biden says it’s a good thing because it increases his “intimacy” with God.

Actually, no. Such idiocy seems to gain great traction today when so many today peddle in lies. Communion for unrepentant sinners is not intimacy with God, it is rather the opposite: a deeper sinful condition which leads further away from God.

Those in obstinate public scandal and mortal sin regain intimacy with God through the sacrament of Confession, as taught by Christ Himself in establishing the sacrament.

One who says no to the Lord in the intellect and will by rejecting his teaching in matters of faith and morals has wandered far from him in sin. Such a person can only approach Him in friendship again through contrition as did the woman caught in adultery.

Christ has established the means for sorrow and the conferring of His forgiveness through the Sacrament of Confession which the Georgetown priest is responsible for offering to Biden as the only means of restoring “intimacy” with the Lord.

The Jesuit priest who gives Biden Communion knows this fact just as does every other priest. Why does he deny it? Perhaps he is addicted to plaudits from the world and favorable reviews from the satanic media.

He also needs to go to Confession for spreading lies about Christ and leading souls to hell.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

“One of the Left’s longstanding projects has been to take religion out of religion while putting politics into it.”

George Neumayr nails it again:

“The latest product of this campaign is Biden’s “faith-based” office, which is not a concession to the religious but an attempt to con them.”

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saint Peter Mavimeno, pray for us!

From the Roman Martyrology read today for observance of the feast of Saint Peter Mavimeno tomorrow:

“At Damascus, [in the year 743,] holy Peter Mavimeno. Some Arabs came to see him while he was ill, and to them he said, "Whoever does not embrace the Catholic Christian religion will be damned, as your false prophet Mohammed is," whereupon they killed him.”

May more Catholics proclaim the truth of damnation for those who reject Jesus Christ by embracing error.

Please pray for priest who suffered exposure in snow, may lose hands and feet


Women and men “doing” the same things does not make them “equal” in being

Radical feminists who believe there is no “justice” in the Church, until women are ordained priests like men, suffer from a basic non-Christian calculus.

What we do does not define who we are. A functional reduction of the sexes to roles within a power structure is not the identity or purpose of the Church.

So-called feminist Catholics betray either a lack of faith or an alien agenda when they attack the church with demeaning and insulting terms such as “mysognist”.

The statement from the Catholic Women’s Council sounds nothing more than a plug for abortion:

“Women are still denied basic equality in the Church, given to us by God in Baptism (Gal. 3:28), because Canon Law forbids the ordination of women on the basis of their sex, thereby keeping them out of all decision making in the Church even when it comes to making decision about women’s sexuality.”

There is absolutely nothing in Church teaching in matters of faith and morals that is demeaning to women. Rather the opposite: it uplifts women.

CWC is responding negatively to a women’s day conference organized by the Australian ambassador to the Holy See at which it appears Vatican Curial officials, men, are speaking.

It is a lie to say men and women are not “equal” because men only are priests or that the power of the priesthood for saving souls through the sacraments is somehow lacking in any way until women also are able to do it. The which is impossible.

Catholics in the true sense of that word define the Church’s identity as the Body of Christ, in which Christ the God-Man speaks and all of us human beings of faith, men and women, humbly listen to Him together.

Chantal Goetz, of the seemingly misnamed organization Voices of Faith, commented on the current proposed speaker list for the event from a perspective outside of faithfulness:

“.. this kind of format, where mainly men speak and women listen, is seen as an insult to many Catholic women.”

That’s the “format” of the Church, for Christ the God man speaks and all of us, men and women, listen to Him together. Priests, in the person of Christ, have a role of service within that structure so that the voice of Christ can be heard within the Mass, for example, in the preaching or the homily and seen and received through the confection of the Eucharist.

How can women who believe that only women can speak to women possibly be Catholics? In the Church the God-Man speaks to all of us, Jesus Christ in Whom we are to place all our trust, He whom we must love with all our hearts.

If that kind of “format” is unacceptable to a person then he or she needs to change his or her mind before they can be authentically Catholic, in the integral sense of the Faith, without which one cannot be Catholic.

Women also speak for Christ in many ways: in their vocations, in the many roles of service as wives and mothers, religious and celibate consecrated women. They do not have to speak in the Mass, although in many places they already do so in violation of liturgical norms, in order to be equal to men in the sense of dignity as God’s image or as members of the Body of Christ.

Women can always do something that men can never do and that is to conceive in their wombs and bear a child. It was never God‘s plan to make man and woman exactly the same in every aspect.

So-called feminist Catholics who use a calculus of power to view the priesthood and then demand that they be given the priesthood or otherwise they won’t have power are beating a pagan drum and repeating a trope from the world of unbelief. 

Sister Deirdre Byrne, who served as an Army officer doctor, surgeon and then became a religious woman and religious superior, can be said to be “powerful” but only because she is a woman of service, selflessly seeking to further the Body of Christ by furthering the physical and spiritual welfare of others.

If any woman could be said to be powerful, it is Sister Dede, who imitates the Blessed Virgin Mary, the most powerful woman in history who never became a priest.

Although I don’t advise doing so, the whole bitter screed can be read here:

In photo: Sr Dede Byrne speaking at Sacred Heart Catholic Church to hundreds of Catholics on February 19th, 2021.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

My latest column: “Making History in the Archdiocese of Washington”

by Father Kevin M Cusick

For the first time since the 1960s, one parish in the Archdiocese of Washington is again offering Sunday and weekday Mass and all seven sacraments in the Traditional Rite.

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Age old priest-intimidation tactics

So somebody walked out of church the other night during my Ash Wednesday sermon in which I condemned Biden's scandalous behavior. He exteriorly claims to be a Catholic while his heart is very far from God as he embraces abortion and sodomy.

As I reflected later I thought, "Well yeah, they're trying to protest", but ultimately what a Catholic is doing, or any person who walks out of church while the priest delivers remarks, is an attempt to use intimidating behavior to dissuade the priest from preaching the truth.

In their own reflection they may say, "I don't wanna hear this" but what they are ultimately doing is withholding their presence from the priest in an attempt to intimidate him, force him to choose between them and God.

I won't hesitate for a minute to choose God over any other human being, and no other Catholic should ever hesitate to do the same. This is the very sword of which the Lord speaks when He says parents, inlaws, families, will be divided as a result of His teaching.

And the greatest tragedy of all is that the Catholic who walks out of ongoing Mass, except in emergency, is dividing himself from Christ.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

My latest column: “When the Truth is Hate and Love is a Lie”

When The Truth Is Hate And Love Is A Lie


“Rachel” Levine is a man who thinks he’s a woman.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t of necessity be a problem because throughout history a lot of people have thought a lot of things that weren’t true. When it did happen others might have simply shaken their heads and said “tsk, tsk” and generally been kind and understanding about the whole thing, especially if said delusional is a patient in a mental hospital.

But these are not ordinary times. Everything is new, improved, modern, and updated. Everybody’s okay. Kids especially know this is true. All we have to do is ask the kids what they think and we’ll all finally get it right.

That was the response by a middle-aged leftist to an 84-year-old father recently in a family chat: You’re wrong about politics, elections, and what’s best for the country. Why don’t you just ask the kids for wisdom and you might get some of the right ideas about the world for once?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Dear Holy Father: Here’s how you explain Church moral teaching to our children

The pope is soliciting suggestions as to how to hand on Church moral teaching to children, as evidenced by the following quote from a recent address to the Roman Rota, The highest judicial authority in the universal church for dealing with marriage cases.

“ … how can one explain to children that—for example—their mother, abandoned by their father and often not willing to establish another marriage bond, receives the Sunday Eucharist with them, while their father, cohabiting or awaiting the declaration of the nullity of the marriage, cannot participate in the Eucharistic table?”

Simple, Holy Father, you just tell the children it’s up to their father. He can follow Church teaching just like their mother does, and then he can also receive Communion just like their mother does.

The state of the Church is endangered when the highest moral authority is asking how to teach moral doctrine. You’re supposed to know how to do that by the time you get promoted to the top job.

Read the full text of the Holy Father’s address to the Roman Rota here:

My latest column: “Practicing Catholics”


Practicing Catholics


A Catholic acquaintance recounts having been asked, while being interviewed in preparation for hiring by a particular agency concerned with national security, “Have you slept with your friend’s girlfriend or wife?” His impulse was to answer, “No, I’m Catholic,” but only yes or no answers were allowed.

That reminded me of an occasion in the Army or Navy when I was filling out benefits paperwork with the help of a woman who asked, “Do you have any dependents?,” which means children, for purposes of financial support. And I responded, “No. I’m not married.” She came right back with, “Good for you.”

Before I realized what was happening I had confessed publicly what it means to be a practicing Catholic. What I believed was having an effect on how I lived.

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

My latest column: “Inauguration of Evil”


And so it begins. The war against God and the Church is launched anew under the aegis of a man described by his new press secretary as a “devout Catholic.”

The bishops lobbed the first answering volley on the day of the Inauguration:

“…Our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender. Of deep concern is the liberty of the Church and the freedom of believers to live according to their consciences.”

That from their post “USCCB President’s Statement on the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr., as 46th President of the United States of America” at (See related articles in this issue of The Wanderer on p. 1A and 4B.)

On January 20 a third Obama term began.

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Friday, February 5, 2021

17k views: My Interview with Mustang Medic at Remnant March for Life 2020

With men from the parish in DC to witness for the babies at the remnant March for Life this year I was interviewed by Mustang Medic. He posted the video on his YouTube channel. You can see it here:

Thursday, February 4, 2021

If traditionalism is a virus then I don’t want the vaccine

In a recent meeting with journalists the Pope said the following:

“The Church [in the U.S.] is very alive, very very alive. There are perhaps traditionalist groups, but we have those here in the Vatican too. This can be healed.”

I’ve never been happier in my traditional rite parish along with the community life that we experience. We experience much charity and joy, in great contrast with society around us, as we live the fullness of the Catholic life. I can’t imagine how going back to the new rites would make us happier than those which were handed down and which were attacked after Vatican II was first badly implemented. Now the same forces in the Church are attempting a redo.

Those fleeing the ecclesial disaster surrounding us also enjoy the community life called for so often and praised by Vatican II, but so seldom realized, with our parish lunch at the hall every Sunday. Why is it only the traditional rite Catholics seem to have time to spend socially with other Catholics? And not in church as is so often the noisy case today, where silence for prayer is rare. 

If traditionalism is an illness, as the pope implies when he says those who worship according to it need healing, then I don’t want the vaccination.

Read the full story here:

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Bishop Stika pummels heretic James Martin

The latest target of Martin's Stalinist attempt to purge the Church of any of its remaining Catholicity is the phenomenal growth of the Traditional Latin Mass. He's been flexing his internet-based bashing muscles quite a lot lately as he tests the extent of his protection in high places. 

His fake snake oil religion isn't beating sales records everywhere.

Bishop Stika pummels Martin back into the 1960's where he belongs in this recent exchange on Twitter.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Saint Ann’s Catholic Church in DC flying distress signal

This photo was taken today at Saint Ann's Catholic Church located at Tenley Circle, NW, in DC.

The US ensign when thus flown upside down is a distress signal. Someone might do well to check on Monsignor Watkins to see if he's okay. Or perhaps he is signaling distress over the deteriorating condition of the Church or the U.S.? Either could be the case as we can all attest.

Let us know if you find out what's up. Or down, as the case may be.


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