Sunday, May 31, 2020

“I go into harm’s way to save souls”: I was denied admittance at hospital to give last rites to Catholic who requested me

Pandemic Brings Unseen Into View


The Church and her work for souls, unseen and unknown so often by so many in a world which has made God so invisible, has in some ways become more tangible in these months when so much of “normal” life has ground to a halt.
Many of our physical activities and concerns, our business and mad rushing have been forcibly taken away. The quotidian distractions have been lifted so that other concerns can come more clearly into view.

Many families have spent more time together in the last two months than they have in years. Children have been sighted outdoors, doing such things as riding bikes. This is a rare thing indeed in the computer age.


Good wishes for health have become the norm in phone conversations with strangers. Computer ordering and home delivery have replaced some of the errands we habitually did at brick and mortar businesses. Many have by necessity found new ways therefore to spend more time usefully at home.

Perhaps the lessons on marital and familial togetherness won’t be lost going forward. Families cannot grow too close. On the contrary, it’s all too often too easy for marriages to fall apart.

Although the visible Church gathered for the Sunday Mass has been subjected like so much else to the realm of the virtual during the pandemic, some aspects of her life have been brought to the fore by the same.

Those who acknowledge God in normal times of free movement outside the home by going to Mass on the Lord’s Day have for the most part, we may hope, survived its privation during plague time restrictions.

Faith is of the intentions. A desire to be physically present at the Holy Sacrifice remains whether one is able to attend or not. This is the substance of a prayer of spiritual Communion.

A world investing so much energy avoiding God because He reminds us of Heaven or Hell, and therefore also of death, has been forced all the same to confront Him through the challenge of faith or its lack. This virtue is called for in good times and in bad.

Although it is commonly thought that “there are no atheists in foxholes” this doesn’t mean we won’t still strive mightily to keep Him in a carefully sealed box when human beings themselves on the home front are thought to be vectors of disease and death.

I recently answered a call to visit a woman in the hospital who may be in her last days on Earth. She lives in our parish boundaries and had for some time been suffering the battle scars of a struggle against cancer.

A recent treatment with the incorrect chemo had sent the woman’s blood indicators plummeting, leaving her vulnerable. She had been transferred to isolation at the hospital to avoid the added danger of infection.

A family member called on her behalf after confirming the appointment with her. I reported properly masked in what has become “the uniform of the day” to the hospital on a Sunday afternoon.

After an initial request to go to her room was denied, I pressed again. The phone operator at the front desk assured me it was for my “protection” that the patient’s possibly dying request was being denied!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Please pray for our parishioners hospitalized with accident injuries

The hospital where they are being treated is currently not allowing priests to enter the hospital because of COVID19 precautions.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

No health emergency ever warrants such desecration and sacrilege of the holiest Sacrament

Is this happening in Rome as is claimed by a Gloria TV source? It doesn’t matter where in fact because it is forbidden always.

Gloves and hand sanitizer used by the priest at the altar to protect us from the Body of Christ and serving the Eucharist in plastic packaging like ordinary food? If one is ill or vulnerable that person should stay home as has always been the case and a priest, if he can do so sanitarily, brings the Sacrament to the homebound.

The gloves and plastic packaging can take away particles of the host, a potential desecration that the priest is duty-bound before God to make every effort to prevent.

Such hysteria-fueled sacrilege is never warranted or permitted.

Friday, May 22, 2020

President Trump: “Houses of worship are essential”

“Today I am identifying houses of worship ... as essential places that provide essential services. Some governors have declared liquor stores in abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other places of worship; this is not right.”

Thank you, President Trump.

My latest column: “A Pope Francis Primer“

A Pope Francis Primer A Pope 

We are immersed in cultural and political wars, with opposing parties engaged in perpetual bickering and posing for effect. On the political front we are faced daily with the spectacle of elected officials who don’t want to work. Instead, they go on the attack and attempt to impeach the reputations of others.

False criminal accusations might provide riveting political drama, and may serve somewhat as distractions from the achievements of political rivals, but they also waste precious time for doing genuine good and waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

One of the weapons in these wars is fake news. Picking through all the information available on the Internet is difficult. Big legacy networks and news organizations that used to stake their reputation on unbiased reporting of the facts have abandoned that cause.
Advocacy opinion journalism and fake news now instead litter the Internet landscape like so many landmines for the unsuspecting. News is for the most part now free. Financial survival for those who used to do news is achieved now by pandering to wealthy advertisers with an underlying agenda that cannot be brooked without adverse consequences.

Read the rest:

Tony Perkins: “Animus toward religion” exposed by coronavirus pandemic

Tony Perkins of FRC appeared on Fox News this week in interview about legal challenges to
pandemic church shutdowns. He noted the pattern of Democrat governors keeping churches closed while other states are permitting reopening. He said that the Coronavirus pandemic has thus exposed an “animus toward religion“.

Unequal treatment of religion seen in allowing businesses to open with 50 people but churches must limit attendance to 10. In Michigan, Governor Whitmer okayed opening a gay club while keeping churches shuttered. Barr at DOJ has issued a letter warning California about unequal treatment of religion after Governor Newsome’s reopening guidelines left churches in limbo about when they can reopen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Respectfully disagreeing with Patrick Coffin and SSPX-bashers

Respectfully and with disappointment disagreeing with Patrick Coffin here.

If anything the SSPX is regularly panned for not having any lace at all on their plain surplices or other liturgical vestments. As well, they regularly wear boots or thick-soled plain footwear for holy Mass being that they must often trudge around in the mud for the fact that they regularly offer Mass in large tents because, for the most part, in many places they are effectively homeless or don’t have enough facilities to shelter all the people who come for ordinations or other large Masses.

Speak of that which you know. Otherwise take shelter in the wisdom of silence.

Oh, and Archbishop LeFebvre, far from being proven a conspiracy theory nutcase as you might be implying here, is a holy man who has been more than proven correct in his warnings about the errors of Vatican II and the damage to the faith and the faithful resulting, which you and many others rightly and regularly decry.

To the extent the SSPX is Catholic in the sense which the word Catholic has always meant they occupy the same moral high ground as everybody else who does the same thing.

Some years ago in Argentina Pope Francis, then-Cardinal Bergoglio, in a meeting with members of the Society declared them to be Catholic.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

How many Catholics today would recognize in themselves the Faith for the sake of which Newman entered the Church?

Substitute COVID19 for starvation in this quote from Cardinal Newman and ask yourself how many Catholics today you think would recognize in themselves the Faith for the sake of which he entered the Church.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

My latest column: “Love Is Holy Because God Is Love“

 Love Is Holy Because God Is Love

May 13, 2020
Our Lady’s month of May is a popular month also for weddings. The “flowers of the fairest” about which we sing when using them to crown our Lady in traditional May devotions are also sought for nuptial festivities, as are all things bright and beautiful. If you grew up with parents who got married in May as I did, then you inevitably think of May as a marriage month.
May is also a time when the weather begins to become more pleasant for outdoor activities. Although this year on Mother’s Day weekend in my locale, the temperatures dipped back down into the thirties for a few nights after tantalizing us with highs in the fifties.
My niece and her fiancé had a May wedding planned. She’s a nurse and has been working with COVID patients and so is in the thick of the pandemic, the reaction to which has upended her plans and those of many others.
We are hoping to celebrate the ceremony at my parish on time but, of course, much pared down to conform to health restrictions. They are planning another Mass and the reception for family and friends later in the summer. The two are intentional Catholics and desire the sacrament most of all. Their love for each other includes the Lord.
It is often said that “God is love.” Many do not as often take the next step and say also what is true, that love is “holy.” Love is holy because God is holy.
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The horrors that occur behind these walls in buildings like this throughout our country is the greatest atrocity to ever afflict our nation.
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Today . . .


VATICAN CITY ( – Pope Francis’ call for a multifaith day of prayer asking God “to end this pandemic” has provoked a blistering backlash, with thousands of Catholics accusing the pontiff of “syncretism,” “blasphemy” and “sacrilege.” Vatican News is promoting the “syncretistic” event “I would like to remind you that on May 14, believers of every religion are invited to unite themselves spiritually in a day of prayer, fasting and works of charity, to implore God…Continue Reading

Right to Communion on Tongue Reaffirmed

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Thousands of Catholic churches received PPP loans: report

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US Sec of State: ‘Enormous evidence’ COVID-19 came from China lab

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Catholic Heroes . . . St. John of Nepomuk (Nepomucen)

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