Sunday, January 30, 2022

Diabolical “feminism” at work to destroy formerly Catholic Poland

The women are mentally ill and feminist possessed demons, the men celibate Catholics. The devil gets what he wants: no marriage, no children, no new souls for Christ.

This is what defeating the Church brings to formerly Catholic stronghold Poland today. In case you can’t figure out what’s going on here: feminism is an evil ideology that destroys the women it seduces.

Dominican priest hacked to death while hearing confessions

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

My latest column: “Transgendering the Mass”


Transgendering The Mass

January 27, 2022


What is not of necessity has an extraneous agenda. Or a malign purpose.

Sex matters: “God made them male and female.” Our sexuality is not a secondary characteristic. It is constitutive of the person and enters into all we do. When a woman does anything, it is the act of a person who is a woman, a feminine action. And likewise for a man.

The sexuality of the acting person is manifested by the words and deeds, thoughts and actions along with the entire person who thinks, acts, and who speaks, never as an afterthought. The idea of neutral gender is pure fantasy, nonexistent in the human species.

Feminism brings with it the ideology that anything men do which is not also accessible to women is an injustice to be corrected. This is why we have the phenomenon of the “first woman pilot” or the first infantry or armor soldier, roles formerly limited to men. It is why we also have women dying in these roles. Sometimes the pressure and haste to right a perceived wrong and experience the excitement of seeing something new supplants the proper training and examination needed to ensure thoroughness and safety.

No one seems to be troubled that men cannot have babies. That never comes up in arguments about the injustice of denying some roles to some human beings. Thus the one-sidedness of feminism is exposed. Breaking glass ceilings is not truly about justice but rather the imperious will which must have whatever it wants regardless of the consequences.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Pope Francis: Do you have any words of advice for Catholic families who are condemned by their LGBTQ members?

The story being reported today, because the pope made comments about LGBTQ family members in his Vatican Wednesday audience, is that the pope calls for families to accept and not condemn family members who experience same-sex attraction.

There’s nothing truly revolutionary about this because in the Christian faith one is to love everyone without exception, even one’s enemies.

As with many clerics today, the Pope, although he may have very good motives and I suspect he does, comes across sounding a little naïve because, the way it’s working today, sometimes it’s LGBTQ family members who condemn their Catholic families who are following the Church’s teachings in faith and morals. I wonder if the holy father has any words of advice for that situation.

Those who actually live this situation can tell the pope in quite vivid description that the reality is very often the opposite of what he describes. When good Catholic parents share the truth that same sex genital expression is a mortal sin they often feel completely without support, sometimes also from the Church where it should be found  in the first place.

The Old Testament practice of shunning those who rejected community morals or customs is back in vogue, but not where you would suspect. It’s not Catholics who excommunicate those who reject God‘s agenda; now it’s LGBTQ individuals who shun family members for being ideologically impure.

“For know you this and understand, that no fornicator, or unclean, or covetous person (which is a serving of idols), hath inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.
Let no man deceive you with vain words. For because of these things cometh the anger of God upon the children of unbelief.
Be ye not therefore partakers with them.
For you were heretofore darkness, but now light in the Lord. Walk then as children of the light.” Eph 5:5-8

The following link is to the story on the pope’s comments at the Wednesday audience today:

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

CORRECTION: Rhode Island drops charges against Fr Jackson, FSSP, but federal charges remain

None of us have access to the facts at this time, leaving for much confusion and only conjecture. Of course he could be guilty. But he could also be innocent and has a right under justice to be thought so absent conviction.

I'm wondering if the guilty party confessed the matter to Father and he's now of course bound by the seal. Typically a number of people have access to rectories in addition to resident priests.

The weird part of this: nobody is talking about who else had access to the Rectory. He was still new to the neighborhood. Did he unwittingly step into an ongoing porn selling ring setup operating out of a temporarily unoccupied rectory?

In light of this nightmare every priest should demand a hired crew go in and check all rectory computers before agreeing to move in for the first time. 

Let us pray that the reasons which forced the state of RI to clear his name will have the same effect at the federal level.

People used to just say stupid or made up things, now they also put them on the Internet


Actually, you can “fail forever”. It’s called hell.

 And hell on earth is believing lies like this …

Monday, January 24, 2022

The German Campaign Against Benedict XVI


Irrational Indignation. On the very day the abusive abuse report commissioned by Munich Archdiocese was published by the law firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl (WSW), a wave of indignation washed over the memory of Benedict XVI in Germany. At prime time, the verdict on Benedict XVI was pronounced in the public media: Guilty.

No Evidence. Guido Horst notices in that there is no evidence at all against Ratzinger. He stresses that the verdict was not pronounced by a court but by a law firm. Lawyers are not known for being friends with the truth. According to Horst, if Westpfahl Spilker Wastl law firm had been a normal court, the "accused" Benedict XVI would have been acquitted for lack of evidence.

The Goal. Horst expresses what is evident: This smear-campaign is not about Benedict’s actions but about his legacy which stands in the way of the German bishops who plan to build another church based on a failed Protestant model. Quote, “A man like Ratzinger is disturbing. On Thursday, the media apparatus destroyed him with the help of zealous theologians.”

Timing. One thing is interesting. The abusive abuse inquisitors admitted that the peak of the alleged assaults, mostly against young males, in Munich Archdiocese was in the 1960s and 1970s. In other words: It was the time after Vatican II which went along with a moral, dogmatic, and liturgical collapse and which is presented as a “great renewal” when most of the crimes supposedly happened. This was also the time when left-wing groups, like the Green Party which is now part of the German government, openly attempted to “legalise” paedophilia.

Ratzinger’s Guilt. Guelfo Rosa writes on that Ratzinger must be condemned for the disastrous state he left the universal Church in, for his contradictory teaching, for renewing the apostasy of Assisi. He kept silent when he should have defended tradition. But to put an old man through the meat grinder because of ancient claims rehashed by an intemperate and hypocritical media frenzy is no heroic act.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Statement of Father Philippe Laguérie, founder of the Institute of the Good Shepherd

"Despite the attempt, which today can be defined as a failure, under Benedict XVI, to restore its rights to the Church's two-thousand-year liturgy, ecclesiastical personnel have remained and remain fundamentally revolutionary."

"Here we are back to the seventies, to the suspensions a divinis, to the ‘savage seminary’, to the ‘excommunications’. There is a smell of dust.

"I must express myself clearly, after a period of diplomatic silence. I am among those who think that our absolute rejection of the Mass of Paul VI is not affective, nor disciplinary, nor charismatic, etc. It is theological, theological, dogmatic and moral. Absolute! The original sin of this deplorable liturgical dispute within the Church is the unspeakable and insane audacity of Pope Paul VI in promulgating a Novus Ordo Missae based on the research of experts, F... M... [Freemasons] and Protestants, throwing away (with trembling voice) the Mass of the popes Leo and Gregory, both great.

“The Catholic liturgy cannot and must only be a transmission of the legacy of the Apostles. A Mass invented 19 centuries later can only be a Promethean ambition, a romantic-libertarian chimera, a bad taste populism, unworthy of the Church of Jesus Christ.

“The promulgation of Paul VI's Novus Ordo Missae is undoubtedly legal and valid, but certainly not legitimate. In this crisis, the position of each one is very instructive: those who get by through ecclesiastical diplomacy and ecclesiastical circles will end up drowning. Only fans of the truth will survive. Having spent my life fighting, I am happy to see that I am preparing to die not as a deserter but as a soldier."

"The ‘battle’ for the Catholic Mass was definitively and irreversibly won by Msgr. Lefebvre in the 1980s. What's done is done! There are tens of thousands of priests in the world who celebrate the Gregorian Mass, and a hint from some Roman secretary or some residential bishop who works ‘overtime’ will not be enough to change things. It is too late: we have won the battle. I am not among those who speculate on a heart attack or a pope's syncope: I would find him miserable, and the gambler risks paying the price of his bet. On the contrary, I know that ALL the priests I know (starting with me) will never go to this Mass which has ruined the Church of the West, of America and of Africa. It will be easier for Macron to vaccinate fetuses than for Francis to impose the synoxis of Paul VI on us.”

Friday, January 21, 2022

Cardinal Gregory issues statement on desecration of National Shrine during National Vigil for Life

Pro-abortion “Catholics” projected an evil message promoting the legal murder of unborn human beings onto the Shrine exterior last night as authentic Catholics, who are always pro-life, worshipped inside.

Here is Cardinal Gregory’s response:

Thursday, January 20, 2022

My latest column: “Stop Fear; Choose Faith”

January 20, 2022


There are many things we should fear; the inevitable is not one of them. It is a fact that death comes for all who live. We began this new year of 2022 with continued abuse of trust through lies and scaremongering on the Internet and social media in connection with the dangers of COVID.
There used to be a tight wicket through which potential news had to pass before it could appear in what was once a plentiful field of newspapers thriving in healthy and self-policing competition.
This paper is one which continues that gold standard of factual basis required before publication. Integrity also requires retraction when errors are discovered.
The Wild West of the Internet has made separating fact from fiction more difficult than ever. Complicating this phenomenon is the collapse into yellow journalism of once-trusted big city newspapers.
The fear of death and dying has been exploited by the mix of fact and fiction in the COVID 19 phenomenon. The restrictions, the lockdowns, the masks, the mandates have contributed to a pandemic of anxiety and mental illness.
Now we must add to this the civil rights violations of firing workers and expelling military members who refuse the experimental injection. Yes, vaccines often work; but no vaccine can prevent death. A disease with a 97 percent survival rate never warranted such an aggressive campaign playing so loosely with the facts. Hesitancy is warranted when one adds to this the thousands of unexplained deaths among the vaccinated.
So, death is a fact. We encounter it every day — in the tragedy of a New York apartment fire, in the death of the elderly from the flu together with pneumonia or other underlying morbidities and in the stillborn baby. We are free to deny the fact of death if we choose. The consequences, however, are equally inescapable.
Without acknowledgment of death, life itself is half-born. Denying death gives birth to a thousand and one pathologies some of which, ironically, can bring about the dreaded end more quickly.
And these are merely the natural consequences. The spiritual results are eternally dire. The ancient spiritual and psychological quest for answers continues bidden or not, because the human person yet faces the same death that has haunted mankind since Adam and Eve were banished from Eden.
The greatest library of books setting down the Revelation of God retains fascination for mankind. We see a sign of man’s continued relentless pursuit of answers to the ultimate questions of life and death in our own day. The “Bible in a Year” series by Ascension Press reached the status of number one overall podcast in the United States last year.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Requiem Mass: James Anthony McGeogh

Introit: Psalm verse.

REQUIEM + æternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis. Psalm 64. 2-3. Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion, et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem: exaudi orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet. Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.

ETERNAL + rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. Psalm 64. 2-3. A hymn, O God, becometh Thee in Sion; and a vow shall be paid to Thee in Jerusalem: hear my prayer; all flesh shall come to Thee. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them.


Incline Thine ear, O Lord, to our prayers, in which we humbly entreat Thy mercy; bring to the country of peace and light the soul of Thy servant James which thou hast summoned to go forth from this world and bid him to be numbered with Thy Saints. Through our Lord Jesus Christ …

Gospel: “ "Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, "if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask." Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again." Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." John 11

After the Gospel the priest leaves the maniple on the missal and goes to the ambo to read the Scriptures in English and preach.

The last Gospel from the first chapter of John is read after Mass.

Leonine prayers after low Mass

The priest and servers process out at the end of Mass.

James Anthony McGeogh

24 January 1942 - 2 November 2021

Requiscat in pace

Last Days of the Covidian Cult

This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of ass-covering, as suddenly former Covidian Cult members make a last-minute break for the jungle before the fully-vaxxed-and-boosted “Safe and Effective Kool-Aid” servers get to them.

Yes, that’s right, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the official Covid narrative is finally falling apart, or is being hastily disassembled, or historically revised, right before our eyes. The “experts” and “authorities” are finally acknowledging that the “Covid deaths” and “hospitalization” statistics are artificially inflated and totally unreliable (which they have been from the very beginning), and they are admitting that their miracle “vaccines” don’t work (unless you change the definition of the word “vaccine”), and that they have killed a few peopleor maybe more than a few people, and that lockdowns were probably “a serious mistake.”

I am not going to bother with further citations. You can surf the Internet as well as I can. The point is, the “Apocalyptic Pandemic” PSYOP has reached its expiration date. After almost two years of mass hysteria over a virus that causes mild-to-moderate common-cold or flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%, people’s nerves are shot. We are all exhausted. Even the Covidian cultists are exhausted. And they are starting to abandon the cult en masse. 

It was always mostly just a matter of time. As Klaus Schwab said, “the pandemic represent[ed] a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” 

It isn’t over, but that window is closing, and our world has not been “reimagined” and “reset,” not irrevocably, not just yet. Clearly, GloboCap underestimated the potential resistance to the Great Reset, and the time it would take to crush that resistance. And now the clock is running down, and the resistance isn’t crushed … on the contrary, it is growing. And there is nothing GloboCap can do to stop it, other than go openly totalitarian, which it can’t, as that would be suicidal. As I noted in a recent column:

“New Normal totalitarianism — and any global-capitalist form of totalitarianism — cannot display itself as totalitarianism, or even authoritarianism. It cannot acknowledge its political nature. In order to exist, it must not exist. Above all, it must erase its violence (the violence that all politics ultimately comes down to) and appear to us as an essentially beneficent response to a legitimate ‘global health crisis’ …” 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

“IF ANY”: Pfizer exec admits vaccine is ineffective

“Limited effectiveness, if any”. In the video below the head of Pfizer, CEO Bourla, uses the words “if any” to describe the usefulness of the “vaccine”. Not only is it a useless vaccine, the side effects are dangerous and, in thousands of cases, lethal. 

So, why?

Now we know what they know, or already knew. The question now is, when did they know it?

Disclaimer: I do not condone any descriptions or recommendations of capital punishment in the above video.

Cathedræ S. Petri: Confession of faith, “what eye hath not seen”

 Homily by St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers.

Commentary on Matthew xvi.
“The Lord asketh His disciples who men say that He is, and He addeth, He, the Son of Man. Let us ever remember to hold fast this truth of our profession, namely, that the Son of God is the Son of Man also. Were He one and not the other, then were He no Saviour for us. The Lord then, having heard the various opinions of men, asketh, But Who say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Peter had weighed the questions. The Lord had asked, Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am? That He was Son of Man was sufficiently evident to all who looked upon His Body. But when He spake of His whole Self, and asked, Who do ye say that I am? He showed that the mind had something to grasp beyond That Which was seen, for Son of Man He was manifestly. What judgment did He wish them to give? I think it was not /that which He had owned concerning Himself. That something more, which He wished them to own, was a hidden thing, whereunto the faith of them that believed in Him was to reach.

“Peters confession was followed by a proper reward for having seen the Son of God in the Son of Man. Blessed is this holy Apostle, in whose praise it is said that he saw with more than human eyes That Which was unseen, who gazed upon Flesh and Blood, and by the secret revelation of the Heavenly Father recognised the Eternal Son of God; who was the first thought worthy to acknowledge the Divinity of Christ. {Here, if necessary, the Lesson is divided.) God bless thee, O Peter, thou who by uttering for the first time the title of Divine honour, didst lay the goodly foundation of the Church! God bless thee, thou worthy rock whereon she is built, for ever triumphant over the infernal powers, the gates of hell, and the bands of death! God bless thee, happy door-keeper of heaven, to whose keeping are given the keys of the everlasting mansions, whose sentences on earth are already confirmed in heaven so that whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Pray for Peter’s Successor today, that he will be faithful to the same Creed in all it’s details first entrusted to Peter and to all the apostles by Christ when he conferred the keys upon Peter. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Editorial: UChicago Must End Its Booster Mandate—We Are Not Lab Rats

 UChicago continues to defy scientific and moral standards, dehumanizing us in the process.


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