Monday, May 31, 2021

Pope Pius XII declares May 31 Feast of the Queenship of Our Lady

From the Encyclical Letter of Pope Pius XII

Ad cæli Reginam, diei 11 Octobris 1954
From the documents of ancient Christianity, from the prayers of the liturgy, from the innate religious sense of the Christian people, from works of art, from all sides we gather witnesses which assert that the Virgin Mother of God excelleth in queenly dignity. And we have set forth the reasons which sacred theology deduces from the treasury of divine faith to confirm the same truth. All these witnesses form a sort of chorus, proclaiming far and wide the supreme queenly honour granted to the Mother of God and man, who is above all created things and exalted over the choirs of Angels to reign in heaven. Thus it is that after mature and thoughtful consideration we have been persuaded that great benefits would flow to the Church if, like a light that illumines more brightly when placed in its stand, this solidly proved truth were to shine out more clearly to all, and so, by Our Apostolic Authority, we decree and institute the feast of Mary, Queen, which is to be celebrated every year on the thirty-first day of May throughout the world.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

UPDATE: Bishop David O’Connell of Trenton hospitalized with multiple blood clots

Above, report that Bishop O’Connell received the COVID vaccine on January 11th. Middle, recent post asking for prayers after the Bishop was hospitalized with blood clots. He had a previous partial amputation of one leg as a result of diabetes complications.

Additional information received second hand says the blood clots resulted after second inoculation of the vaccine via

Recite the Athanasian Creed on Trinity Sunday

(Canticum Quicumque * Symbolum Athanasium) 
Whosoever willeth to be saved, * before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic faith.
Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled, * without doubt he shall perish eternally.
Now the Catholic faith is this, * that we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity.
Neither confounding the Persons, * nor dividing the substance.
For there is one Person of the Father, another of the Son, * and another of the Holy Ghost.
But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is one, * the Glory Equal, the Majesty Co-Eternal.
Such as the Father is, such is the Son, * and such is the Holy Ghost.
The Father Uncreated, the Son Uncreated, * and the Holy Ghost Uncreated.
The Father Infinite, the Son Infinite, * and the Holy Ghost Infinite. * The Father Eternal, the Son Eternal, * and the Holy Ghost Eternal.
And yet they are not three Eternals, * but one Eternal.
As also they are not three Uncreated, nor three Infinites, * but One Uncreated, and One Infinite.
So likewise the Father is Almighty, the Son Almighty, * and the Holy Ghost Almighty.
And yet they are not three Almighties, * but One Almighty.
So the Father is God, the Son God, * and the Holy Ghost God.
And yet they are not three Gods, * but One God.
So the Father is Lord, the Son Lord, * and the Holy Ghost Lord.
And yet they are not three Lords, * but One Lord.
For, like as we are compelled by Christian truth to acknowledge every Person by Himself to be God and Lord, * so are we forbidden by the Catholic Religion to say, there be three Gods or three Lords.
The Father is made of none, * neither created, nor begotten.
The Son is of the Father alone: * not made, nor created, but begotten.
The Holy Ghost is of the Father, and the Son: * not made, nor created, nor begotten, but proceeding.
So there is One Father, not three Fathers; one Son, not three Sons; * one Holy Ghost, not three Holy Ghosts.
And in this Trinity is nothing afore or after, nothing is greater or less; * but the whole three Persons are Co-Eternal together, and Co-Equal.
So that in all things, as is aforesaid, * the Unity in Trinity, and the Trinity in Unity is to be worshipped.
He therefore that willeth to be safe, * let him thus think of the Trinity.
But it is necessary to eternal salvation, * that he also believe faithfully the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The right Faith therefore is, that we believe and confess, * that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God and man.
God, of the Substance of the Father, Begotten before the worlds: * and Man, of the substance of His mother, born in the world.
Perfect God, Perfect Man, * of a reasoning soul and human flesh subsisting.
Equal to the Father as touching His Godhead, * inferior to the Father as touching His Manhood.
Who, although He be God and Man, * yet He is not two, but One Christ.
One, however, not by conversion of the Godhead into Flesh, * but by taking of the Manhood into God.
One altogether, not by confusion of Substance, * but by Unity of Person.
For as the reasoning soul and flesh is one man, * so God and man is One Christ.
Who suffered for our salvation, descended into hell, * rose again the third day from the dead.
He ascended into heaven, He sitteth on the right hand of the Father, God Almighty, * from whence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
At whose coming all men shall rise again with their bodies, * and shall give account for their own works.
And they that have done good shall go into life eternal, * but they that have done evil into eternal fire.
This is the Catholic Faith, * which except a man believe faithfully and firmly, he cannot be safe.

In Memoriam


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Archbishop Chaput on the “Final Rebellion”

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Archbishop Chaput explains that the gender confusion today is based in a final rebellion against the Creator and the idolatrous idea that we can change nature.

Begins at 15:45

Friday, May 28, 2021

Quotes from Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre

The Second Vatican Council’s drafts should be carefully studied if we are to expose the doors that have been opened to Modernism. 
 -Archbishop Lefebvre

Do you think creating vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines is a horror? It’s only the beginning: Scientists are now proposing to grow human beings for 40 days only to slaughter them for research

It is right to oppose any use of aborted fetuses. One time is wrong. Don’t use the slippery slope argument. That phase ended many years ago. We’re already deep into the nightmare.

Scientists Vote to Allow Growing Babies in the Womb for 40 Days to Kill Them for Research

Home Posts  |  Steven Ertelt  |   May 27, 2021   |   6:15PM   |  Washington, DC

An international group of scientists has ditched ethical guidelines in or to allow them to pursue grisly experiments that would grow unborn babies in the womb for 40 days for the sole purpose of killing them for dubious research.

Read the rest:

Archbishop Cordileone accuses Cardinals Cupich and Tobin of “interfering” in USCCB Conference procedures

A move among certain bishops to delay discussing Eucharistic coherence at the upcoming USCCB June conference was sparked by a letter from Rome, but it turns out Cardinals Cupich and Tobin, leaders of the group calling for a delay in the discussion, visited CDW head Cardinal Ladaria in Rome shortly before he sent the letter calling for slowing down the procedure and even perhaps delaying discussion of the Eucharistic coherence as planned at the upcoming meeting.

In light of these facts Archbishop Cordileone has accused Cardinals Cupich and  Tobin of interfering with the bishops conference procedures as reported by the Pillar:

“Speaking to The Pillar, Archbishop Cordileone disputed the idea that Ladaria’s letter called for the bishops to drop their planned discussion.

“Noting that the discussion had already been approved by the USCCB administrative committee, Cordileone said the agenda for the June meeting was a proper expression of the wishes of the conference and correct procedure.

“Then we find out that Cardinal Cupich [of Chicago] and Cardinal Tobin [of Newark] are in Rome. Then shortly after that comes this letter from Cardinal Ladaria, that's being spun as if he's telling us to not go forward with this.”

“So there's this interference with the procedures of the conference,” said Cordileone.”


Thursday, May 27, 2021

My latest column: “Marking Twenty Years in The Wanderer”


Marking Twenty Years In The Wanderer

May 27, 2021


Then and now.

Then, Fr. Robert D. Smith, and now, this humble scribbler.

It was 2001 and, after many years at this space in The Wanderer, the longtime columnist Fr. Smith suddenly took sick and stepped aside, dying by December 2001.

I was stationed at the time with the Navy on active duty in Naples, Italy. A friend who had written for the paper helped the editors at The Wanderer to locate me. I had written a piece or two for the paper as early as 1993 and had expressed interest in publishing regularly in these pages, but was informed that the paper limited space for clergy to two columns. But now one of the spaces had opened up, they needed a priest and remembered my request to be considered.

Consider me they did then. And now, twenty years and over a thousand columns later, I wish to express thanks to the owner, Joe Matt, and my editor, Peggy Moen, our readers and all those whose kind support has made this adventure possible.

And I ask that prayers be offered for my predecessor who blazed the trail, as did others before him, so that we could follow in their venerable steps. Then and now. May he rest in peace!

Read the rest:

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My latest column: “Prophets and the War on God”


Prophets And The War On God


We are living in an unprecedented time in human history.

Masses were shut down and churches locked in reaction to the COVID scare. As Robert Moynihan points out in a recent interview with Claire Chretien at LifeSiteNews, “The source of grace was blocked for entire nations” when Masses were discontinued, something which has never occurred before. (See for Wednesday, May 12, for the full text of the interview.)

We are in the midst of wars on several fronts. In addition to traitors inside the Church, a Communist regime in Washington has declared a war on the economy, a war on humanity, and a war on God.

A shooting war has broken out in the Holy Land, where peace is ever fragile. Weakness at home has invited aggression. Perhaps it was a hack but, for whatever reason, a gas pipeline was shut down and fuel supplies to the East Coast of the United States were cut off this month. Men and women were fighting at the pumps over a place in the long lines for gas. The regime wants to eliminate fossil fuels and, whether intentional or not, this artificially induced scarcity simulates their end objective very effectively: useless automobiles sitting idle waiting for gas to fill empty tanks.

These are certainly problems also for people of faith. We need to get from A to B like anyone else. The relentless war on God launched by Biden and those who manipulate him, by taking advantage of his evident dementia, however, is of primary concern.

Men who are supposed to be of the Church, but compromised by long addiction to government funds, are unreliable in the fight.

Faith is not allegiance to the highest bidder but rather simply to God because of who He is, above every other consideration.

Read the rest:

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Pope Francis allegedly admits to Italian bishops behind closed doors that Vatican II liturgy will survive only under artificially imposed conditions

What are those conditions, you ask?

Well, supposedly, Pope Francis, behind closed doors informed the Italian bishops that he plans to abolish Summorum Pontificum.

What this means is that the bishops will carefully control which designated parishes can offer the traditional Latin Mass. This only adds up to a public admission that the Vatican II liturgy can survive only under these artificially imposed conditions, given its spreading popularity among young priests and the few remaining Catholics who still attend Mass outside of funerals and weddings.

Today at Rorate Caeli:

URGENT: Pope tells Italian Bishops he plans to abolish the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum

An urgent news item by our friends at Messa in Latino, the Pope spoke on the matter yesterday to the Italian bishops during the portion of the Italian Conference of Bishops' meeting in which the assembly was closed to the media:

It is, for the moment, still fragmentary news, coming from our multiple sources within the CEI [Italian Conference of Bishops] and bishops, but it seems that yesterday (May 24, 2021) the Pope, addressing the Italian bishops at the opening of the annual assembly of the CEI ( and in a subsequent meeting with a group of them), announced the imminent reform for the worse of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. 



From what is known, it would be a return to the indult -- with a prior authorization of the bishop [as under the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei], or of the Vatican -- with all that it entails, that is, a reintroduction of the prohibition of the celebration according to the Missal of St John XXIII, so many denials of authorizations, and the ghettoization, in practice, of the priests and faithful attached to the old rite. After Moses, the Liberator, Pharaoh returns. [Source]

They are heretics who claim they live a “good life” but do not enter by the true door which is Christ and His true Church

“I am the Door * saith the Lord, by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall find pasture.” Alleluia.
(Canticle of Zacharias: Luke 1:68-79)

John 10:1-10
“At that time: Jesus said unto the Pharisees: Amen, amen, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheep-fold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber but he that entereth by the door is the shepherd of the sheep..”

     “In the words of the Gospel which are this day read, the Lord has spoken unto us in similitudes, touching His flock, and the Door whereby entry is made into their fold. The Pagans therefore may say, "We have good lives," but if they enter not in the Door, what doth that profit them whereof they make their boast? Good life is profitable to a man if it lead unto life everlasting, but if he does not have life everlasting, what shall his good life profit him? Neither indeed can it be truly said that they live good lives, who are either so blinded as not to know, or so puffed up as to despise, the end of a good life. And no man can have a true and certain hope of life everlasting, unless he know the true Life, Which is Christ, and enter in by that Door into the sheepfold.

     “There are many such, who try to persuade men to live good lives but not to be Christians. These are they who would fain "climb up some other way," "for to kill and to destroy," and are not as the Good Shepherd, Who is come to keep and to save. There have been philosophers who have treated many subtle questions of right and wrong, who have been the authors of many distinctions and definitions, who have completed many exceedingly clever arguments, who have filled many books, and have proclaimed their own wisdom with braying trumpets. These dared to say to men: "Follow us embrace our school of thought, and you will find therein the secret of an happy life." But these were not of them who enter in by the Door; they came not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

     “Touching these, what shall I say? Behold, the Pharisees themselves read of Christ, and therefore talked of Christ they looked for His coming, and when He came, they knew Him not. They boasted that they themselves were among the Seers, that is, of the wise ones, and they denied Christ, and entered not in by the Door. Therefore they, if they led away any, led them away only to kill and to destroy, not to free them. So much for them. Now let us see if all they who boast the name of Christian enter in by the Door. Some there are, and their number cannot be reckoned, who not only boast that they themselves are among the Seers, but would fain appear as though their hearts were enlightened by Christ but they are heretics.“

- Homily by St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo
45th Tract on John

Is Saint Peter’s Basilica a second class relic?

If the body of Saint Peter is, as alleged, elsewhere and not at Saint Peter’s as is commonly believed, having been moved during persecution or to hide his remains from vandals, would that make St. Peter’s Basilica in fact merely a second class, or “touched” relic because having one once contained Peter’s bones?

Sensation: Is St Peter’s the Wrong Basilica?

Liberato De Caro (National Research Council), Fernando La Greca (Salerno University), and Emilio Matricciani (Milan Polytechnic) published a study in the peer reviewed entitled: "The search for St Peter's memory 'ad catacumbas' in the cemeterial area 'ad Duos [sic!] Lauros' in Rome."

Their thesis: Saint Peter is buried in Torpignattara, Rome, in the large and partly unexplored catacombs "Ad Duas Lauros," underneath Santi Marcellino e Pietro ad Duas Lauros church (not to be confused with Santi Marcellino e Pietro al Laterano).

Around 330, Emperor Constantine built a Mausoleum for himself and his mother Helena which is now attached to the church of Saints Marcellinus and Peter, allegedly two minor 4th century martyrs. But according to the article, in ancient times the order of the names was “Peter and Marcellinus.” Peter meant the apostle.

The hypothesis is that St Peter’s remains were moved from the Vatican Basilica to Torpignattara because of the persecutions and the barbarians. Therefore, in 354, the commemoration of St Peter was celebrated in Torpignattara, not at the Vatican.

The article mentions that in the catacombs, a significant 4th century sepulchral epigraph on Peter and a fresco depicting him holding a scroll were found. The authors believe they have identified the still unexplored crypt with his tomb.

They write that Pius XII (+1958) once asked the famous mystical writer Maria Valtorta (+1961) about St Peter’s tomb. Valtorta replied that she saw it in a vision in Torpignattara containing St Peter’s mummified remains holding an ancient parchment. Valtorta allegedly also described the crypt.

Picture: Chiesa dei Santi Marcellino e Pietro ad Duas Lauros © wikicommons, CC BY-SA

French Nobel Prize-Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants”

French Nobel Prize-Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants”

Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).

While it is understood that viruses mutate, causing variants, French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contend that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

The 2008 Nobel Laureate made the explosive comments as part of a larger interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month. The clip was exclusively translated for RAIR Foundation USA and is quite damning for the agenda-driven left-wing establishment.

As we reported in April of last year, Prof. Montagnier presented a powerful case that the coronavirus was created in a lab. His comments at the time offended the left-wing establishment so much that they aggressively attempted to discredit his statement. Now, the media is backpedaling on the origin of the coronavirus after prominent scientists called for further scrutiny.

Also read:
They Had One Year To Flatten The Life As We Know It—And That They Did

Vaccines are Creating the Variants

Prof. Montagnier referred to the vaccine program for the coronavirus as an “unacceptable mistake”. Mass vaccinations are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” he said. “It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants,” Prof. Luc Montagnier continued.

The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.”

Watch the clip (transcribed below):

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Prof. Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE). In the articles that mention ADE, the concerns expressed by Prof. Montagnier are dismissed. “Scientists say that ADE is pretty much a non-issue with COVID-19 vaccines,” an article at MedPage Today reported in March.

Prof. Montagnier explained that the trend is happening in “each country” where “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.”

The Nobel Laureate’s point is emphasized by the information revealed in an open letter from a long list of medical doctors to the European Medicines Agency. The letter stated in part that “there have been numerous media reports from around the world of care homes being struck by COVID-19 within days of vaccination of residents.”

Earlier this month, RAIR reported on a statement by French Virologist Christine Rouzioux:

“…the rise in new cases is occurring in vaccinated patients in nursing homes in ‘Montpellier, in the Sarte, in Rheims, in the Moselle…”

Prof. Luc Montagnier continued to say that he is doing his own experiments with those who become infected with the coronavirus after getting the vaccine. “I will show you that they are creating the variants that are resistant to the vaccine,” he said.

Read the rest:

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

“ 90% of American media - which provide the guidelines for all Western media - are owned by six oligarchs.”

 Viganò: There Is a "Single Script Under a Single Direction" - In Alliance With Francis

Governments are forbidding effective Covid-19 cures and use the blackmail of perpetual lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and unconstitutional “green passes” to force people to submit to vaccines that don't guarantee any immunity and involve serious side effects, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò writes in a May 18 statement on

He doubts that the "pandemic" is a catastrophe which kills millions of victims. As a matter of fact, the 2020 death rates were not out of the norm. Thus, for him, there is no evidence that the rulers are acting with our good in mind and are motivated by good principles.

Viganò concedes that it is [allegedly] "difficult to believe" that "the traders of iniquity" [= the oligarchs] are so well-organised, that they were able to manipulate information, blackmail politicians, corrupt doctors, and intimidate businessmen in order to force billions of people to muzzle themselves and to believe that vaccines are the only way "to escape certain death.”

But then he observes that there is a "single script under a single direction" with actors "who stick to the part assigned to them" and a "claque of mercenary journalists who shamelessly distort reality.” In fact, 90% of American media - which provide the guidelines for all Western media - are owned by six oligarchs.

As final step, Viganò predicts that the command will eventually be seized "by a few faceless tyrants.” In reaching this goal, this "accursed sect" has formed an alliance with the highest levels of the Church, using the moral authority of the Pope and the bishops to convince the faithful "to get vaccinated," Viganò explains.

However, he know that this tyranny will collapse and that God's victory is certain.

Source: news

“Data show white Americans are far more often victims of interracial crime than black Americans.

 Video Captures the Moment a Black Teen Kidnaps a Sleeping White Toddler Before Brutally Murdering Him

Home surveillance footage obtained exclusively by shows suspect Darriynn Brown, 18, breaking into the home four-year-old Cash just before 5am and making off with the young boy who had been asleep alongside his twin brother Carter. 

This is the bone-chilling moment four-year-old Cash Gernon was snatched from his bed in the early AM just two hours before he was found stabbed to death, half naked, sliced up, and dumped on the street in Dallas, Texas

Brown was captured on camera a second time as he returned to the scene in an attempt to kidnap the other boy – but was spooked and ran away. 

In the footage Brown creeps in dressed in a hoodie and hovers over the two boys before finally reaching toward the bed, carefully pulling back the boys’ blanket, picks up Cash, and bolts out of the room with the boy in his arms. 

Roughly an hour and 45 minutes later, Cash was found lying dead in a pool of blood in a quiet residential Dallas street after being stabbed with what police described as an ‘edged weapon.’  

Brown gained entry by coming through the unlocked garage door and forcing the back door into the house, Sherrod told

Darriynn Brown, 18, was arrested in the case hours later and was charged with kidnapping and theft. Police said they also anticipate additional charges pending the results of a forensic analysis.

Officers are searching the area for clues and are seeking information or any possible video from neighbors, and the FBI is assisting in the investigation.

Police said the boy’s face and upper half of his body were covered in blood, as it appeared the assailant slashed the boys face up before murdering him.

At the time of his arrest late Sunday night Brown was wearing an ankle monitor from a prior charges including evading arrest in late April.

According to the Bureau of Justice crime victimization data, Black on White and Black on Asian attacks have been increasing substantially over the past few years, and Black attacks on White Children are becoming increasingly more common.

Many of these stories involve a perpetrator who was released from prison where they belong due to district attorneys who are strong proponents of ‘social justice’ for Black ‘under privileged’ citizens.

The stories of these interracial attacks, which all basically only go one way, have gone unacknowledged by the media for the most part.

Emmanuel Aranda, a Black man, threw a five-year-old white child over a balcony in Minnesota’s mall of America.  This story only received around 2% of national coverage that the Nia Wilson murder received.

Cannon Blake Hinnant was a five-year-old American boy from Wilson, North Carolina. At 5:30 pm on August 9, 2020, he bicycled onto his next-door neighbor’s property, and the neighbor, Darius Sessoms, a 25-year-old Black man, shot the boy at point-blank range.

An 18 year old named Dominique Lang shot a white baby in the face for the fun of it while attempting to rob his mother.

four-year-old White Ohio boy was shot dead after a shooting during a home invasion that left multiple people seriously injured and four-year-old Rowan Sweeney “tragically” dead in his mother’s arms. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, none of the people in the home knew the suspected gunman.

Cadesha Michelle Bishop was arrested in July of 2020 for the murder of an elderly white man, after she pushed the seventy-four-year-old to his death on the bus.

Other notable occurrences include the black man who the NYPD arrested for committing random hate attacks against white people, and the black man who told everyone that he wanted to “kill all white people,” and then proceeded to kill 6 white people.

Another Fresno spree killing was not only majorly ignored by the media, but hundreds of Black Americans praised his actions on social media.


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