Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Le Chiese di San Pietro a Tuili e la Immacolata di Buramini / The churches of Saint Peter in Tuili and Mary Immaculate in Buramini, Sardegna

Tableau for Easter typical of Italian churches with risen Christ and Mary crowned and resplendently garbed in white and blue at Saint Peter's in Tuili.

Conical hill near Tuili framed by a gate in the churchyard of Immacolata.

Gothic altar piece in church of Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate in Barumini.

Exterior of BVM Immaculate Church is Barumini.

High altar of polychrome marble intarsia at the church of San Pietro di Tuili, considered to be one of the finest examples of baroque in the Marmilla region of southern Sardegna.

Detail of priest celebrating Mass on the gothic altarpiece by the Master of Castelsardo, also in the church of St Peter in Tuili.

Detail of the polychrome marble intarsia altar of St Peter in Tuili. Double or single click with your mouse to observe in greater detail.

Flowering succulent of the variety popularly known as hen and chicks.

Another plant of the same variety which rarely reaches this size in North America.

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