Monday, May 16, 2011

Cardinal Burke: "The sacred liturgy ... can never be reduced to the activity of any individual, not even a priest"

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke from Province of Saint Joseph on Vimeo.
"Worship is owed to God as He Himself has instituted it...must be governed with respect to the divine right" (ius divinum.)

"Every consideration with respect to the sacred liturgy must be essentially theocentric."

Quoting Father Nicola Bux:

" 'What more is there to say? The Church has established the matters that are to be observed in the liturgy and those that are not to be done. But the crisis and the uncertainty of the authority and of Church and liturgical discipline connected to the conviction that to manipulate sacred liturgy is not a serious sin renders the norms a dead letter.'

"This follows precisely from having trampled upon the divine right and the juridical dimension of the liturgy. It is in the liturgical act above all that man must put into practice the way of the beatitude, the poverty of spirit, which recognizes the Lord as Creator of the world and Lord of history and with humility and total fidelity offers to Him due worship."

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gaymoore said...

I watched the whole thing and it is truly magnificent. Thank you for posting it, Father.

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