Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Thanking God for being God isn’t revolutionary

None of us are capable of judging, of course, but sad experience instructs that, unfortunately, sometimes religion is used as a prop.

“I must also pause to reaffirm my thanks to God, for it is faith that sustains me at this moment. Even prior to today, I can honestly say that my life has been blessed beyond measure.” Remarks by Ketanji Brown, who seems like a very nice person with a good family. This is not about that.

Protestants like Ketanji Brown, who described herself as such on March 22 while being examined in hearings by the Congress for her supreme court confirmation, often thank God for being God and say they’re blessed, but that’s not revolutionary. The pagans do as much.

No, what’s revolutionary about being Christian is doing things also that pagans don’t do: being like God, forgiving one’s enemies, praying for one’s persecutors, loving those who hate.

Pagans thank God; that’s not distinctive about being Christian. Being Christian is how we bless God, how we keep the Commandments, the life of grace.

Jesus Christ defines Christianity, for he is Christ and he says not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of God, but only those “who hear the word of God and keep it”, “those who do the will of the Heavenly Father”.

Also, as was pointed out today by a protestant member of Congress, anti-Catholicism is alive and well when you contrast the treatment of a Catholic, like Amy Coney Barrett, who was convicted by a Jewish member of Congress for the “crime” of having “the dogma living loudly within” her, with the treatment of Ketanji Brown, which has been silent about her religious affiliation.


A double standard is evident in the fact that Ketanji Brown is afforded privacy with respect to her faith because she’s already known to be pro-abortion while Coney Barrett’s religious affiliation as a Catholic was of concern because of the risk that she might be pro life.


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