Thursday, March 3, 2022

My latest column: “Weakness Invites Evil”

 Weakness Invites Evil

March 3, 2022


It is just a fact of human relations that weakness invites predation and attack. We see that in Ukraine with the February invasion by Russia. Covetousness, jealousy, envy, the lust for power and domination, constantly beset the human race.

After the current weakness of U.S. leadership was on full display in the recent disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia saw its chance to grab a long desired prize in Ukraine. Now we see the violent and deadly result. We must pray for peace as we witness the death and destruction visited upon the people of Ukraine.

Weakness in our faith is “going through the motions” for some end other than salvation of souls. That is enough for the Devil to win in his long war against God.

When I arrived at a parish as pastor over 11 years ago, 99.9 percent of the children in the pews were with families just doing time in a kind of self-imposed jail sentence. They were just waiting until their children were old enough to get confirmed so they could be “released on good behavior.” Weak leadership allowed malignancy to endanger the body.

As many priests know, a current weakness in the postconciliar Church is the widespread phenomenon of families dropping out of Sunday Mass the week after their last child receives the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is a failure of evangelization. But, even more so, it is a failure of worship. We must face the fact that this superficiality is not present among families who attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

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