Monday, March 14, 2022

War on Christianity: LGBTG-EU sanctions Poland as they are taking in refugees

 From Okie Traditionalist:

“Sanctioning Catholic Poland, After It Takes In Ukraine Refugees. You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

“You can't make this up.  The EU passed some sort of "law" recently, that they just now are saying Poland (and Hungary) broke, and are therefore literally SANCTIONING both Poland and Hungary.

“You know, the Poland who just took in 1.5 million Ukranian refugees escaping a war between the GOVERNMENTS of the EU/NATO/US vs. the government of Russia.

“Doesn't pass the smell test. The facts speak for themselves.

The EU is literally economically attacking the PEOPLE of Poland and Hungary (not to mention the people of Russia and now us), two countries that BELONG to the EU, for not being in conformity enough with the EU.   Namely Leftism and Wokism.  Apparently their social credit score is in the negative digits.

Time to google "narcissism" and "bullying," and for good measure "narcissistic rage."  Narcissists do not typically get loud and violent.  They calmly and surgically exact revenge against the innocent.

Poland will not budge on the LGBTQ and Abortion agenda.  Relative to the rest, they are very Catholic and socially conservative.  Poland having many Latin Mass locations.  Being economically dependent (now) on the EU, and NATO, they are sitting ducks.   Oh yeah Poland, you won't allow schools to read sexually perverted books to kids in schools, you think you're one of the good guys for taking in the refugees, shame on you.  SANCTIONS!

This is dystopian and absurd.  In physics there is a principle, "like attracts like," going back to Aristotle.  Since Poland and Hungary are much more culturally and religiously LIKE Russia and the rest of eastern Europe, than Western Europe Sodom and Gomorrah, and since ultimately people come together based on similar beliefs and culture, on being similar, and since now the West is punishing insanely Poland and Hungary of all people, then guess what?

Eventually Poland and Hungary would essentially align with the eastern Russian "Axis" as soon as WW3 becomes official.  They would fall on the Russia side of a world war, after this.  Sanctions are something you do to your enemy.  And Poland and Hungary relatively represent the old religious order of society, and are therefore considered by Western Europe, Canada, and the USA to be backward losers they can scapegoat at will. 

My 2 cents.”

Catholics are the real enemies of the LGBTQ-EU. And LGBTQ-NATO.

Who else is a declared enemy of LGBTQ-NATO? Beginning to get the picture?

In this war on Christianity, which side are you on?

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