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My latest column: “The Stupidity of the Pharisees”


“The Stupidity Of The Pharisees”

March 31, 2022


On March 25, many participated worldwide in a consecration requested by the bishops of Ukraine according to our Lady’s request at Fatima. But, as we saw, the prayer equivocated. Russia and Ukraine were mentioned, but so was “all of humanity.”

“All of humanity” and “especially Russia and Ukraine.” Did we consecrate Russia according to Heaven’s command? Why the insertion of the phrase “all of humanity”? What is the agenda? The individual soul lost in a formless and vague generalization?

Yes, it is right and good to consecrate “all of humanity.” But that can be done at any time. The purpose of the exercise, consecrating Russia, is lost in a sea of generalization, however, when added as an afterthought to a group which already includes Russia, even with the insertion of the word “especially.”

The purpose of consecration is for the setting aside as holy, for the purposes of God, individuals and nations who otherwise might, without the help of His grace, pursue evil agendas such as killing and war, as Russia is now doing.

We have seen a host of human agendas elevated above the supreme law of the Church, salvation of souls, and the importance of each individual soul in that mission. What happens to the mission of the Church when humanist and globalist goals take first place? A new pharisaism, condemned by Christ.

Global warming, LGBTQ+, the German “Synodal Way” calling for blessing same-sex relationships, changing Church teaching in regard to sodomy, ordaining women, and the rest, all of these and more have been part of an avalanche of heresy inundating the Church and neglecting the first need of every soul.

Priests who oppose these initiatives which endanger souls, if not merely neglecting their highest good are often called “rigid” and falsely, as it turns out, condemned as pharisaical. Some of this comes even from the Pope. The truth is actually the opposite. Our Lord condemned the Pharisees because they elevated man’s laws above God’s by using mere human tradition to encourage and command violation of divine law.

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