Tuesday, March 8, 2022

I’d be embarrassed to admit in public that confession is not available prior to every Mass at my parish

New outlets are reporting that a priest suggested that public sinner Biden to go to Confession by informing him via Twitter the days and times Confessions are available at his church:

We are told he encouraged

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President …”

I applaud Father’s effort. Confession, absolution, penance, and public recantation of the scandal of a Catholic receiving Communion while viciously fighting tooth and nail for ever more funding for and access to abortion is exactly what Biden needs most.

Also, confessions are always a good thing. However, offering them when most people come to church ensures that more people who, like Biden, are not in a state of grace, are restored to a state of grace.

As the case with most priests today I serve as the sole priest in service to my parish, with up to 150 people at Sunday Mass. I still find the time to make myself available in the confessional prior to every Mass, in particular for three liturgies every Sunday.

Given the importance of the Sacrament of Confession, without which one receives Communion sacrilegiously and uselessly if arriving at Mass in a state of mortal sin, and given the fact that most Catholics do not come to church outside of Sunday, it is crucial that they find the priest in the confessional when they arrive for Mass on the Lord’s Day.

This is the reason why when they do arrive the faithful find me at my place of duty: in the confessional prepared to offer many of them what they need most.

This is also the reason why we advertise that opportunity for Confession is always available prior to Mass.

I’d be embarrassed to admit that a penitent in mortal sin would be discouraged from seeking absolution if they couldn’t meet with me only at noon on Sunday, after the morning Masses are over, on Wednesday evening or on Saturday at 3 pm when most people need to do yard work or house cleaning so they can rest on Sunday, as is proper for the Lord’s Day.

I don’t need to chat or do busy work prior to Mass. I need only 5 minutes to vest. Less is needed if the priest dons his alb and stole ahead of time.

There is nothing more important for the priest prior to Mass than being available to shrive his people who need the sacrament without which they cannot receive the Lord in a state of grace at holy Mass if arriving in a state of mortal sin. Or who approve the killing of other people’s children via legalized child murder as does Biden.

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