Thursday, September 23, 2021

There will not be a “great reset”, there will simply be an acceleration of what is already happening

The Muslim hordes are not going to take anything from the West, whether it’s a vaccine or a depopulation mindset or globalism, so they will continue to expand their populations and have as many children as they please. As a result the great reset so imagined or envisioned will simply accelerate what is already happening: the west is declining with lower birthrates and Muslims & non-Christians who haven’t been corrupted by the depopulation, abortion and anti-human mindset will continue to have children and will overtake the west.

If by the “great reset” they mean the Muslimification of the formerly Christian West than they would be correct. The way in which non-vetted military age Muslim males were whisked from Afghanistan to the United States in the crisis after the fall of Kabul in preference to US citizens would seem to indicate that this might be part of the plan.

At the same time that non citizens are flooding through our borders you have western scientists and physicians killing off our own population through the so-called vaccine which is a gene therapy and seems to increase cases of Covid and increase fatalities. This in reaction to a flu-like disease with very low incidence of fatalities.

All of these and additional phenomena indicate that there will not be the great promised reset but rather simply an acceleration of what is already happening: self-depopulation of the west through human intervention by means of contraception, abortion, so-called vaccine stealth lethality, biological warfare concealed as “pandemic”. Simply another case of “pride goeth before the fall.”

The Tedeschi video follows my comments here. One of those adding his opinion in reaction to the video posits the theory that the elite globalist oligarchs want to replace westerners with third world populations as they would make a pliable, more subservient, serf class. This would seem to fit with all the data we’re taking in currently.

Take a look at the recent images of the thousands of Haitians huddled under an overpass in Texas. Looks like India or anywhere else but here. Until now.

“Taking Advantage of This Unfortunate Situation Called the Covid Pandemic”

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi is an Italian economist and the former president of the Vatican Bank. In the following video Mr. Tedeschi discusses the opportunity provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to implement the Great Reset. I find it interesting that he describes the upcoming Great Reset as an attempt to rectify the mistakes made during the previous Great Reset some fifty years ago.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:20 Its name is New World Economic Order.
00:23 It was conceived between the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies.
00:31 Its originator was Henry Kissinger, at the very beginning.
00:38 It was a veritable reset. We are trying to correct the mistakes
00:43 that we have been making for the last fifty years,
00:48 since the very first reset, also known as New World Economic Order,
00:53 which was designed in the seventies.
00:59 Founded upon a series of facts which ignore natural law.
01:06 Which we can define as “not always natural”, and “pretty utopian”.
01:14 After fifty years, since the first reset of the seventies
01:20 produced several mistakes, a second reset is needed, today.
01:28 The current reset, commonly called “The Great Reset,” is nothing but a correction
01:34 of the mistakes which we have been making for the last fifty years.
01:41 So therefore, thanks to — or rather taking advantage of —
01:46 this unfortunate situation called the “Covid Pandemic”,
01:51 there is the possibility to boost, or rather — I will use a strong expression —
01:56 to impose or to caused to be imposed certain behaviors.
02:01 Nevertheless, today’s reset is the correction of the mistakes made by yesterday’s reset.
02:08 First, a suggestion was made, that is related to the great crisis
02:14 we have been witnessing in recent decades.
02:21 Too many births.
02:24 And as a consequence, the need to decrease the birth rate of the population.
02:31 What was the very first effect of this process?
02:38 The birth rate dropped. But where? In the Western world.
02:42 The shrinking of population took place mainly in the so-called Western World,
02:46 the United States and Europe. Why is the population growth rate supposed to be reduced?
02:51 Because, according to a neo-Malthusian worldview, the more people are born,
02:57 the more people consume, the more people waste what nature provides for us.

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