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My latest: “The Beating Heart of Texas”


he Beating Heart Of Texas

September 16, 2021


When it comes to legalized baby killing, also known as abortion, untold numbers of Catholics are languishing spiritually under what I’ll call the “Biden delusion.” Some of them would begin to explain it by stating, “I’m personally opposed, but….”

For a few years now Biden has survived politically as a Democrat, while claiming to be Catholic, by saying he would never get an abortion himself, but that it’s okay by him if someone else chooses to kill his or her offspring instead. In the absence of any episcopal correction, such as excommunication, this irrational mental condition has gained ground among Catholics until the point that it now has become a widespread phenomenon.

The Church’s gaping chest wound is the many souls at risk of damnation as a result of Catholic scandal resulting from baptized Catholic politician apostates and heretics pontificating immorality unchecked by any vigorous episcopal correction.
Spiritual death is the result for the many souls who have fallen under the spell of this and other demonic lies, compounded every time they receive Holy Communion, because they are doing so sacrilegiously and uselessly.

I don’t believe any of my parishioners who share this mistaken and spiritually moribund state are receiving Communion. I could be mistaken, of course. I hope that none of them are heretics. Priests can fall under the spell of a delusion just as easily as anyone else. I have taught in my preaching that such a position eviscerates the very concept of a “Commandment”: “Thou shall not kill” does not admit of qualifications.

A great many baptized Catholics, many of whom march forward to demand Communion at weddings and funerals, and a smaller number of whom may still attend on Sundays, though perhaps not weekly, are under the impression that the Commandments do not apply to some, and that it’s a truly Christian “compassion” which insists upon this.

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