Friday, September 10, 2021

The Ecclesia Dei communities letter dust up in a nutshell


Thoughts on Ecclesia Dei Leaders’ Letter Re Motu Proprio, and Ensuing Internet Flame Wars

Posted: 09 Sep 2021 10:58 AM PDT

1. The ED leaders released their letter for all to read via Rorate Coeli.  It should be scrutinized.  

2. Yet TM unnecessarily insulted the ED leaders for this letter.  

3. In response Rorate, one of the Gordon bros, etc respond insulting TM as a “grifter” and “rad trad.”

4. What matters is the substance of the letter.  I’ll save you hours analyzing the feuding videos between camps, and tell you what I read in a swift minute. 

5. They said nothing to defend or uphold the Faith, Tradition, or the immemorial right to the True Mass.

6. They quoted twice the heretical and scandalous Amoris L.   They beg for merciful dialogue when clearly that hasn’t been given to them or the SSPX in the past.

7.  There is zero language of resisting the errors of the Council, Protestant liturgical reform, or post-conciliar authorities.   Without that, their obedience comes across once again blind and desperate. They keep treating the TLM as a mere charism for those who prefer it. 

8. In essence they are saying they aren’t the negative subject of the Motu Proprio’s clampdown, like the SSPX, and are begging not to be suppressed. 

Conclusion:  for me, the letter is disheartening and a warning sign.  I expect the ED groups will be forced to radically change soon, and eventually to give up the True Mass.  They need prayers.  In the mean time, go the direction of the SSPX, the surest path.  

That is, Resist the Errors publicly, plain and simple.  Be a witness for the Faith.  Come what may.  And keep charity between us.  Focus on the Truth.  We are all in the wilderness, yet God provides. 

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