Thursday, September 9, 2021

My latest: “Doomsday Scenario”


Doomsday Scenario


Is it possible that a powerful person could approach various individuals of influence or policy and say, “We’re going to deposit $500 million in your bank account. Do what we say or we’ll kill your family”? It certainly is possible, however unlikely. How else to explain the fact that currently in the COVID outbreak aftermath so many scientists are doing unscientific and even anti-scientific things? Or that so many medical personnel are perpetrating unmedical or even anti-medical practices? Thanks 

What could explain the unprecedented phenomenon of so many around the world promoting a so-called medical defense replete with dangerous side effects in response to a threat which is nearly minimal by comparison? Why promote a vaccine with, in some cases, even deadly side effects in answer to a virus with a 99.999+ survival rate? How did so many people come so readily to believe and to respond so compliantly to bad advice because of misplaced fear after digesting very likely false or incomplete information?
Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Tenpenny, and others are warning us that we should be aware of the possible side effects of the gene therapies being promoted as vaccines in response to the spread of the COVID virus. It is certainly alarming to learn that even though thousands have died, and many more have suffered severe side effects, after receiving COVID mRNA injections, these are stilled promoted and in some cases are being imposed. Cardinal Cupich of Chicago announced that all priests and employees of his archdiocese must be vaccinated or face disciplinary action.

It is a violation of Church teaching to impose vaccines, and yet this is flouted with a mania redolent of a savior complex. What must be voluntary is enforced and as a result humans are treated, not with the dignity bestowed by rational intellect, conscience, and free will, but instead like cattle who must be herded and manipulated as if instrumentalized for ulterior motives.

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