Saturday, September 25, 2021

Please pray for Gerry McGeough

Gerry McGeough suffered a heart attack the morning after a woman punched him. He and others were praying a rosary of reparation in Northern Ireland during a so called pride parade when a woman from the marching group stepped into the sidewalk and struck him in the face.

May the Lord bless these faithful and all who pray and work for the restoration of our holy Faith in Ireland.

Catholic Punched While Praying the Rosary at Pride Parade in Ireland (Video Inside)

Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, YouTube

Please pray for this woman!

The Catholic advocacy group Irish Society for Christian Civilisation recently held a rosary rally during a pride parade in Cookstown, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

The group says they attended the pride parade to “pray a peaceful rosary of reparation” for the sins committed against God as a result of the parade.

The Sept. 20 video shows several men standing on the sidewalk. The group carries a statue of Our Lady of Fatima while praying the Rosary.

One pride parade participant later approaches Rosary Rally organizer Gerry McGeough, punching him on the left side of his face. Police then detain the woman.

McGeough explains what happened in the video below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

“We were there to pray a peaceful rosary of reparation,” McGeough begins.

“As you saw, the people belonging to that parade were very antagonistic towards us, but we maintained our decorum. We continued to pray the rosary. We were very low-key about it.

“I was personally assaulted. An individual filled with loathing and hatred came up [and] punched me in the face.”

“People have been very cowed down by the whole homosexual agenda…the abortion issue and contraception,” McGeough continues. “Everything is essentially anti-Catholic. It’s time for us Catholics to stand up [and] not be afraid. Get out and pray! And be there. Go forward!

“Because our ancestors endured dungeon, fire, and sword to keep the faith alive in this country. All we’re asking to do ourselves is to go out and pray a rosary. You may get punched in the face sometimes, but that’s nothing compared to being thrown in a bonfire…”

“But who knows? It may well come to the future, and if it does, we’re ready for it.”

The video’s description also asks for prayers for McGeough, who suffered a heart attack the day after this recording.

Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for us!


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