Friday, September 3, 2021

Texas Heartbeat law: Society does not owe evil its approval

“My body, my choice” applies to vaccines but in an evil society it’s only applied to the evil of killing preborn  children and forbidden where it is true.

There are two bodies involved in abortion: the body of the mother, which usually survives the abortion, though not always, and the body of the boy or girl in the mother’s womb, which usually dies, as following from the purpose of the abortion.

The Texas heartbeat law acknowledges the right of society to be free from approval of and funding for murder. Christ is King and His command “Thou shall not kill” has a higher authority over us.

Evil ones want the moral approbation of society for killing their children. We don't owe them that and they don't have a right to demand it.

Oh, and by the way, Chief Justice Roberts just excommunicated himself: he was one of the four who voted against the Texas heartbeat bill.

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