Thursday, September 23, 2021

My latest column: “Abortion is Murder”


“Abortion is Murder”

September 23, 2021


“Be a pastor, don’t go condemning.” was the Pope’s answer to a question from a reporter on the return flight from his recent apostolic journey to Slovakia and Hungary. The context was a question posed: “What must the pastor do?” in reference to pro-abortion politicians. On the subject of abortion, the Pope repeated the Church teaching that procuring such a procedure is “murder.”

Defining what it means to “condemn” over against what is “pastoral,” however, is a subject about which one could write a book and more. In short, Our Lord is the example of a Good Shepherd over against which the ministry of every priest is critiqued.

As the upcoming annual November meeting of the U.S. bishops approaches, the subject of the proposed statement on Eucharistic coherence is again coming to the fore. The opposition of some bishops against making such a statement was overridden by a majority within the conference at a virtual meeting last spring. The committee charged with crafting such a statement has been working since then and one would think should have a document for the members of the conference to consider and possibly vote on at that time.

I don’t recall any bishops condemning Biden, Pelosi, or any of the great number of additional elected officials who aggressively support the legalized murder of pre-born boys and girls, who have even gone so far as to remove protections against federal funding for abortion or exporting abortion overseas.

What condemns souls who both give Communion to pro-abortion pols as well as those who receive Our Lord in the state of sin it entails, because it deepens the already grave state of mortal sin in which they languish. Omitting to speak the truth condemns souls, not the opposite.

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