Saturday, July 10, 2021

Strange times in which we live

Orders of priests and religious founded by evil men are approved by the Church while one society founded by a holy man is disapproved …

Does Francis Want to Strengthen the Society of Saint Pius X?

If Francis were to restrict the Roman Mass, this would be an “abuse of power,” Bishop Schneider told @CatholicHack in a July 9 video interview.

Forcing priests to preside the New Rite would be for Schneider a "violation of spirituality." He doesn’t believe Benedict XVI's claim that the Roman Mass [which is of apostolic origin] and the 1970 New Rite are “two forms” of the same rite [otherwise the New Rite would not have been called "new"]. Schneider calls them “two different rites" because there are "big differences."

He explains that concelebration was never considered as a requirement to show "unity." Thus, Oriental Churches were never asked to concelebrate for such a purpose. An obligation to concelebrate would “contradict the entire history of the Church and the law of the liturgy,” Schneider says.

According to him, forcing the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) to co-preside in the New Rite would lead some of its members to join the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) which was founded by “a holy man, a man of God.”

Because Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of the PiusX bishops, and Francis granted PiusX priests the faculty to hear confession, it is "difficult" for Schneider to say that these priests are "outside of the Church or schismatics" since they possess ordinary faculties to hear confessions "given by the Pope himself."



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