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A 20-year-old Catholic was granted a vaccine exemption by the University of MD. Here is the letter. She wrote it herself.




There are many factors that, altogether, have helped me come to the conclusion that I DO NOT wish to get jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccination.  In good conscience, as a practicing Catholic, there are numerous concerns I have with this particular “vaccine.”  I would like to point out that 48 of 50 states currently allow for both medical and religious exemptions for parents who wish to abstain from having their children vaccinated as a requirement for school attendance, while the remaining two, Mississippi and West Virginia, offer only medical exemptions.


To begin with, I consider myself to be Pro-life, meaning that I value the dignity and worth of each human being conceived in the womb, from conception at fertilization, to birth and a natural death, believing, as my Catholic Faith teaches, that every human being is made in the image and likeness of God. As such, I believe no one has any right to use another human being as a commodity for research, exploitation, or for any other reason, even if science should make the claim that humanity could possibly benefit from doing so.  In the case of both the developmental and/or manufacturing processes of the COVID vaccine, human embryotic fetal cells were used, without exception. That means whether it’s Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, EVERY ONE was produced and/or tested with cell lines from aborted babies.  In order for a cell line to grow, which is necessary for massive vaccine production, it had to be taken from a child while that child was still alive! This is completely unacceptable to me! While it may be true that some of those cell lines come from babies that were aborted even years ago, the fact remains clear to me that it is no less an unjustified act to use old lines as it is to use the more recent ones, which were still at least six years ago. 


Secondly, as a young 20-year-old woman, I hope one day to have a husband and family, if that is what God calls me to. I believe, as the Catholic Church teaches, that the family is the bedrock and foundation of society. As Pope John Paul II said in Familiaris Consortio (The Fellowship of the Family)once said, “The future of the world and of the Church passes through the family.” It is in the heart of the home where it is realized that “one’s value is of divine origen, where unconditional respect for the dignity of the child is communicated.“ Consequently, as a possible future mother, I am greatly concerned with always being in good health and avoiding anything that would jeopardize that, especially when it comes to someone urging me to take some action that might endanger my fertility.  And that is exactly what would likely happen by taking the COVID vaccine, as indicated by numerous doctors.  Petitions were even filed in Europe to stop human trials of the vaccines because of improper and rushed testing, indicating they could prevent the formation of a placenta in a pregnant woman.  Doing so “would result in vaccinated women essentialy becoming infertile,” since the newly conceived child could not live without receiving nutrients and oxygen from the placenta. This, it seems to me, is a foolish risk I would rather not take.





By no means am I opposed to all vaccinations. I am pro-vaccine.  In fact, I understand that historically, the breakthrough of vaccines has led to the fact that human beings live longer today than ever in the history of the world. Due to the development of vaccines, smallpox, polio, measles, and diphtheria, for example, are all nearly eradicated.  Public health has benefited immensely because of vaccines over nearly two hundred years, beginning with smallpox.  However, the COVID-19 “vaccine” is altogether different from the standard vaccine.  Traditional vaccines “simply introduce pieces of a virus to stimulate an immune reaction.”  Instead, the COVID-19 vaccine is a mRNA vaccine, which is completely NEW, and  different from any other vaccine. It is indeed “experimental and investigational,” to use the words of the vaccine manufacturers to the FDA.  These experimental vaccines“utilize mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) which instructs the body’s cells on manufacturing proteins.” Never before has the mNRA vaccine been approved for human use or claim to be the remedy for any disease; nor has there been any independently published animal studies on these vaccines, so “it is  not yet known what effects they will have on the elderly, the very young, or women who are pregnant or might become pregnant in the near future!”


Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D., H.M.D. of Carson City, Nevada, explains the difference this way: “The new mNRA vaccine actually injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-human sources into our cells. Once in the cells, the genetic material interacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus being coded for. Note that these newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, and are thus completely foreign to our cells. What they are fully capable of doing is unknown. The mNRA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So, in order to protect the fragile mNRA strands while they are being inserted into our DNA they are coated with PEGylated lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mNRA from our immune system, which ordinarily would kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been used in several different drugs for years.  Because of their effect on immune system balance, several studies have shown them to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases.  Additionally, PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune reactions, and to cause damage to the liver. These new vaccines are additionally contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have yet to disclose what other toxins they contain.  Since viruses mutate frequently, the chance of ANY vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely. That is why the flu vaccine changes every year…Absolutely no long term safety studies have been done to ensure that any of these vaccines don’t cause cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines. If you ever wanted to be a guinea pig for big pharma, now is your Golden Opportunity!”


You could say the COVID-19 vaccine is really an untested gene-therapy experiment with currently unknown outcomes.

A White Paper recently published by Americas Frontline Doctors spoke of the possibility that these new vaccines “may cause worse spread of the virus via asymptomatic carriers. Those vaccinated may think it safe to be around others when it actually isn’t so!”  You’re now seeing this in different places to be the case, as those getting the vaccine are coming down with COVID soon after.


I should mention that I tested positive for COVID-19 nine months ago. I have not had blood work done to see if I have the antibodies, but it is possible that I do, in which case that would make me naturally immunized from COVID-19.  Consequently, getting the COVID vaccine would be foolish and likely more detrimental, rather than beneficial, to my health.  As I see it, the risks to receiving the vaccine far outweigh any benefits I may get from it, if any. I have to wonder why emphasis is put on one having to receive an experimental vaccine with unknown side effects as a remedy for a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate for those my age who may come down with COVID-19, when so many other remedies exist, including simply staying at home and getting rest, as I did, and as hospitals who had patients test positive would suggest to those who went to the hospital as the most effective remedy there is for COVID patients.   




In conclusion, I wish to cite the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) concerning scientific research and respect for the human person. 2292 Scientific, medical, or psychological experiments on human individuals or groups can contribute to healing the sick and the advancement of public health.  2293 Basic scientific research, as well as applied research, is a significant expression of man’s dominion over creation.  Science and technology are precious resources when placed at the service of man and promote his integral development for the benefit of all… 2294Science and technology by their very nature require unconditional respect for fundamental moral criteria.  They must be at the service of the human person, of his inalienable rights, of his true and integral good, in conformity with the plan and will of God. 2295 Research or experimentation on the human being cannot legitimate acts that are in themselves contrary to the dignity of persons and to the moral law. The subjects’ potential consent does not justify such acts.  Experimentation on human beings is not morally legitimate if it exposes the subject’s life or physical and psychological integrity to disproportionate or avoidable risks. Experimentation on human beings does not conform to the dignity of the person if it takes place without the informed consent of the subject or those who legitimately speak for him.



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