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My latest: “Confession and Eucharistic Coherence”


Confession And Eucharistic Coherence

July 8, 2021


There has been much talk of Holy Communion in recent days, but very little of the Sacrament of Confession by comparison. We have seen the tussle within the USCCB leading up to their June discussion over crafting a “Eucharistic coherence” document, which motion passed and therefore perhaps, as a result, we’ll see something come of it in November.
Meanwhile the whole issue started because of those who, despite being conspicuously unworthy, are conspicuously receiving Our Lord in the Sacrament. To make matters worse, a number of these, such as Biden, Pelosi, and Lieu among 60 other Democrats, are publicly and defiantly doubling down.
They have made clear that they will decide their own worthiness to receive our Lord, despite opposing His teaching on key moral issues touching on redefining marriage, the marital act, and human life and dignity.
What’s all the fuss about? It is morally and intellectually incoherent to support killing, sodomy, and elective sexual mutilation of the body while receiving the Holy Eucharist. One cannot honestly claim communion with Christ by means of grace, most perfectly achieved by means of receiving Him in the Eucharist, while violating the bond of love with Him by disobedience to His Commandments.
As Christ taught, loving Him is defined by our adhesion to the way of life spelled out in the Decalogue, as well as all of His moral precepts handed down by the Church’s Magisterium. “If you love me you will keep my Commandments.”
The sacrament needed by those who commit or support evil by thought, word, or deed is Confession, not Communion. When we reject Him by knowingly choosing to do something sinful, we have recourse in Him for returning to a state of grace by means of the magnificent sacrament of His forgiveness won for us by His death on the cross.

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