Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Gary Michael Voris is wrong: the ancient immemorial Mass is never an idol

Here’s a recent outburst from Gary:

First, Gary needs some instruction on how the internet’s work. A claim on the Internet to represent SSPX is not trustworthy. Because of the nature of the Internet every claim made thereon must be verified. Without verification these individuals who use denigrating and indecent language do not represent Mass-going Catholics simply because they claim to.

Second, the immemorial traditional Latin Mass is never an idol: it is always and in every case of vanquisher and a destroyer of idols. This is the case because the valid and licit traditional Latin Mass, offered by a duly ordained priest who intends to do what the Church does, is the very same sacrifice of Christ offered once and for all on Calvary, differing only in that it is unbloody, which Sacrifice vanquished sin and death, and every evil to include idolatry.

 Michael Voris is wrong

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