Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Benedict XVI distinguishes “between those who hold ‘ecclesiastical offices’ and those who are in ‘communion with the Church spiritually’.”



The import and significance of this interview was exposed and explained in a lengthy print article in today’s edition of Italian newspaper Libero, on p. 12. Link to the article here: https://www.liberoquotidiano.it/articolo_blog/blog/andrea-cionci/28119433/nuova-intervista-papa-ratzinger-benedetto-xvi-herder-korrespondenz-separare-credenti-da-miscredenti-ennesima-conferma-piano-b.html

The Holy Father criticizes the leaders of the Church and Church institutions in Germany, faulting them for acting without any inner or spiritual cohesion with the Church, the Gospel or Her teaching through the ages. He urges the Faithful to remain faithful to the spirit of the Church and not to the unfaithful leaders of the Church of today. His position is not far from that of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve, which is why this talk is causing a earthquake here in Rome and throughout Europe.

Pope Benedict XVI is putting his finger on the loss of faith in modern times. And giving sound guidance for the faithful to stop obeying faithless leaders and resist them.

But the Holy Father goes much further. In a succinct German phrase, he distinguishes between those who hold “ecclesiastical offices” and those who are in communion with the Church spiritually. And He tells the faithful to remain in communion with the latter NOT the former.

This entire counsel is exactly that which Andrea Cionci has discerned in Pope Benedict’s Declaratio of February 11, 2013 and his subsequent behavior and authentic statements.

FromRome.Info will try to publish an English translation of Cionci’s article tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: The entire German text of the original publication is not available for FromRome.Info to republish. 

Source: From a post by A.B.

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The very thought of freedom, whether it is recalled by Wyszyński or Trump's Poland speech, one would pray for the Bishops' recognition and pastorally fostering of their faithful. I recommend the memoirs of Wyszyński and the speech of Trump at Poland to provide the sense of history, politics and religious faith; and gratefully Benedicamus Domino to provide more.
I understand that PE Benedict XVI provided thoughts available today.

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