Thursday, July 22, 2021

My latest: “War On TLM Is War On Souls”

July 22, 2021


By the time you read this column we will have discovered whether the Vatican or the Pope has issued a modification of Summorum Pontificum (SP), which basically will serve to gut that document.

The revolutionary nature of the motu proprio SP, issued in 2007 by Benedict XVI, served to restore peace liturgically within the Church by giving free access on the part of every lay Catholic and every priest to our historic traditional worship as it existed before it was refashioned by committee after Vatican II in the name of ecumenism.

The document put into action the truth that the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), which was at one time sacred for everyone in the Church, must be sacred now for everyone as well. What was at one time holy, because handed down by the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit, must be holy now also for us.

The Rorate Caeli blog and others, quoting other sources, some unnamed, in recent days reported that on the Friday after this column is being written (July 16), Rome is allegedly going to issue a modification of Benedict XVI’s groundbreaking document which freed the Traditional Latin Mass and radically altered the ecclesial post-Vatican II landscape.

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