Tuesday, July 6, 2021

My latest: “Dear Biden, Communion is not a “private matter”

Dear Biden: Communion Is Not A “Private Matter”

July 1, 2021


It didn’t take long for the misrepresentations and evil spin to overwhelm the conversation after the U.S. bishops’ discussion of Communion reception at their virtual June meeting. Even a group of Democrats in Congress released a statement enumerating the so-called “principles” of their diabolical deception. It was publicized so rapidly in response that one suspects it was prepared and ready to launch even before the episcopal Zoom meeting commenced.

Twitterati howled in reaction to the threat of sacramental censure. Cong. Ted Lieu of California, among others, doubled down by publicly declaring himself pro-abortion on the social app and daring the bishops to withhold Communion from him. Others boasted of their rejection of Catholic moral teaching, listing the offenses, and then gleefully vowing to continue in Eucharistic sacrilege.

All of this and more in response to something that is already part of Church law. Canon 915 makes clear that the “publicly unworthy” must be denied by reason of their persistence in manifest — that is, public — grave sin. Support for abortion, so-called same-sex “marriage,” and transgender bodily mutilation are among those sins which render someone in need of repentance and Confession prior to any reception of the Eucharist, as well as public renunciation of these sins to repair the scandal which they have caused.

Most scandalous of all were the usual suspects among the bishops themselves who bend over backwards to accommodate the enemies of the faith, doing so again in this case, while persecuting faithful Catholics.

Some commented on the irony that some of the same bishops who locked their churches during COVID, denying Communion to practicing, authentic Catholics, are now going out of their way to twist themselves and the truth into a pretzel to give the Eucharist to the unrepentant among the baptized who are in a state of manifest grave sin.

Read the rest: https://thewandererpress.com/catholic/news/our-catholic-faith/a-leaven-in-the-world-dear-biden-communion-is-not-a-private-matter/

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