Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Knights of Columbus Dump Crux: Who Picked up the Slack?

Commodification of the Catholic faith, like it’s a product, a do-it-yourself or self-styled product just like any other in our materialistic society seems to be an ever-popular idea.
Individuals who represent themselves as journalists for the sake of the Catholic faith fall into the same trap.
You may remember the stupefaction a few years back when the KofC announced they were bankrolling heterodox-friendly Cruz a few years ago. That bad idea his now come to a bad end ...
Knights Quietly Pull the Plug on CRUX
“So it may come as a shock to many Knights and Catholic laity that after four years and more than two million bucks of hard-earned grassroots Knights of Columbus money  gone down the drain, the Supremes at the Knights Tower in New Haven, Connecticut,  have finally pulled the financial plug on Crux.”

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