Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dr Janet Smith: By all means protect lives from COVID19, but “the purpose of our living is worship”.

Some priests are getting pushback from church leaders for taking the initiative of offering Mass for Catholics who attend in their cars without violating local directives for COVID19 precautions.

Dr Janet Smith is leading an initiative to request that the bishops not overreact and give up entirely our need and right to worship in person at Sunday Mass, albeit from within our vehicles.

“Living is important, but the purpose of our living is worship.”

Dr Smith’s interview with Raylond Arroyo is at this link:

“The sacraments are the ‘personal protective equipment’ of Catholics and enable us to be in the field hospital of the sick and dying”

If you would like to support Dr. Janet Smith’s initiative requesting a more aggressive support for availability of the sacraments on the part of our bishops you can visit this link and sign her letter here:

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