Thursday, April 2, 2020

Almost 11,000,000 completely preventable deaths so far this year: abortions

Death is on everyone’s mind. Diseases such as Coronavirus and other causes are preoccupying our society and causing 10,000,000 people to lose their jobs as of last counting.

The tragic deaths due to Coronavirus number 21,000 so far this year. But there are other causes of death that we must fight as well. This is about human life, correct?

Abortion is death. Completely preventable. It’s the intentional taking of innocent human life by means of legal child murder.

So far, this year, almost 11,000,000 human beings have died through the intentional actions of other human beings.

Coronavirus is bad. And we’re doing everything we can to stop it.

Abortion is worse and it continues every day.

The experts tell us the coronavirus is preventable by changing behaviors. So is abortion.

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