Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Instead of Scaring the Hell Out of People Invite Them to Heaven

No, dying is not the worst destiny imaginable.
By Father Kevin M. Cusick

In the state where I reside, the governor is requiring face masks in grocery stores. The county in which I live is cracking down on people suspected of using a trip to the grocery store to get out of the house. They are accomplishing this by assigning shopping days to groups based on first letter of one’s last name. I can now only get groceries in my county on dates ending in the 0 or 5.

Absolutely Orwellian.

Yes, evidence points to the COVID19 virus being highly transmissible. Yes, hotspots can flare up again if people start interacting and congregating too soon.
But who decides how far we go before the cure is worse than the disease?
We keep hearing from the authorities, medical professionals — not to mention do-gooders of all kinds — that this is about stopping deaths. One fact that is hard to get around is that many people die from the flu each year, but we’ve never shut down the world for the flu before.

The overbearing attempts to save people from themselves can certainly be altruistic, but where does it all end?

It reminds me of incidents in my family when we children were young and one of us did something naughty. One ploy sometimes used by my parents to wring a confession out of the guilty party was to punish all of us until one of us fessed up.

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