Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Modernist in a Position of Power


     One of the hallmarks of the Modernist, as explained by Pope Pius X, is his apparent ambivalence. Saint Pius points out that the Modernist might appear to hesitate at times, speaking tentatively, as though his mind is not settled but is still searching for the truth. The fact is that the Modernist knows exactly what he believes (or disbelieves) and precisely what he wants to accomplish: the complete “renewal” of the Catholic Church according to Modernist principles, beginning with the very definition of the word “faith.” But the Modernist does his most damaging work by sowing confusion: he acts in self-contradictory ways, one day pronouncing boldly revolutionary statements, and the next day appearing pious and even traditional in his devotions. One day appointing radicals to positions of power in the Church, the next day taking action to signal the upholding of Catholic doctrine or discipline. By acting thus erratically, the Modernist in position of authority progressively transforms the Church from the Church of Christ, the supernatural institution for the salvation of souls, in the Church of the World, a natural institution dedicated first to social justice.

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