Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Holy Eucharist is a grace unto grace and Confession is the Sacrament for souls dead or mortally wounded by sin

There is a Sacrament Pelosi and any obstinate public sinner can avail themselves of any time they need it and as often as they need it. It’s not the Eucharist. It’s Confession. Archbishop Cordileone covered that very well in his letter to Pelosi.

Any conversation about the banning of Pelosi from reception of holy Communion that does not refer to this fact is disingenuous and not worth anyone’s time or attention. 

The purpose of the holy Eucharist is for salvation, by giving increase of grace to those who are in a state of grace. It is useless and sacrilegious for Pelosi, and Biden as well, for that matter, to receive Our Lord as long as they persist in manifest grave sin. Archbishop Cordileone is forbidding Nancy’s reception as a medicinal matter, to aid in the salvation of her soul.

Confession and absolution is the Lord’s way of returning to a state of grace those souls who have lost the state of grace through grave or mortal sin, of which approval and support for abortion is one.

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Maria said...

And confession at most parishes,is about 60 minutes for an entire parish. Of course one is always advised that one can "make an appointment for confession". Nancy Pelosi happened with the help of faithless and cowardly Cardinals, priests, and Bishops. Credit where credit is due...

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