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My latest column: “On Your Wedding Day”


On Your Wedding Day

May 26, 2022


On this splendid day, for which you have waited with joyful anticipation, you are surrounded by many of those you love, and who love you: family and friends.

We share your joy to see this moment, when your love for one another will begin a new and deeper reality: the ultimate sharing. The uniting of your bodies and souls.

Love seeks union, to be with the one who is loved.

You indeed love each other very much. It is part of loving to want to give more and more. You want to be together, for all of life, with all that entails. Love gives all. This is indeed a beautiful gift

But that of itself does not explain why we find ourselves here, in this place. Why are we gathered in this chapel which is inspired by faith, calling for a response of faith, its architecture and adornment pointing to the holy and to God, its supernatural source?

You were drawn to celebrate your nuptial ritual here by the beauty of this place. You have experienced the truth that your hearts were made to love beauty. This chapel in which we are gathered eloquently proclaims the highest beauty: of God and His love.

The arched and vaulted ceiling points upward, like hands in prayer seeking God. Love ever reaches for God by speaking with and praising Him. Stained-glass windows organize the fire of created light into a beautiful design, communicating something of the One whose power illumines it. God seeks to be one with us in all He has made and in all He does.

We are gathered in a place of prayer and worship, a place to seek and proclaim He who in love gave us the life which makes loving possible. Here, in our holy Catholic ritual we pray, proclaim the Word of God and bless. We acknowledge the Lord through faith.

From that uncreated Source, from Him who is spirit and truth, you will together receive a spiritual union necessary for a true bodily union, His love and His will for you.

Unity in the Lord is the basis of unity between all of us, and no less for man and wife.

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In photo: My nephew Riley and his bride Jingyi on their wedding day.

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