Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Maryland Citizens - Join The Effort To Petition HB 937 To The Ballot

Defend Life is one source for this info regarding a critical petition drive to get an extreme abortion bill to Maryland's ballot this election cycle. Maryland citizens, please get to your churches and elsewhere and spread the word. 

Babies need your help.  Start NOW to get the 25,000 signatures needed by May 31 and the additional 50,000 needed by June 30 to get on the November ballot to overturn this EVIL law. Make available on Sundays after Mass.

Print out plenty of petitions, bring pens and clipboards. Remember that each petition can only take 5 signatures, so if you think you can get 200 names, you need to print at least 40 petition forms. 

All the details and requirement are printed and linked BELOW. If you still have questions, contact PRO-LIFE activist Rob Bart at 410-963-2001.

 Please FWD this to every PRO-LIFE friend you have in Maryland. 

Linked below are the documents you need to start your petition drive to defeat HB937, The Abortion Care Access Act. 

The Petition document contains the petition with an instruction page for obtaining signatures as successfully as possible. The petition MUST be printed out so that the signature page is on one side of the page and the text of the law is on the other side. Read the instruction page very carefully and make sure your volunteers understand them, too. Use separate pages for signers from different counties.   

This is the Voter Look-Up website: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch  Use this site (QR code on the Instructions) to make sure the name on the petition is the same as your Voter Registration Record. 

Please give this effort your best efforts. As you know, we have a tight deadline with a mountain to climb. We need a minimum of 25,000 signatures from across the state by midnight on May 31 and another 50,000 signatures by midnight on June 30 to get this on the November ballot. 

The full text of the law is linked here and below. Have a few copies available so that the signers can read the full text of the law if they choose to do so.  We are opposing 2 parts of the law - the removal of the physician requirement and the requirement for insurance providers to cover abortion without copays or deductibles. Maryland law prohibits opposing laws or parts of laws that are considered part of the state operating budget, so we are not opposing the Medicaid funding or the training program funding 

The flyer linked here and below may be printed out and copied to distribute and to post on your bulletin or message boards. 

The campaigntoprotectwomen.org website will go live on Tuesday, May 10. There is a QR code for the website, but the website is not live yet. Linked here and below is the flyer with the QR code for the website. 

Please share the links and this email with family and friends. Review each petition thoroughly to make sure all spaces are completed before you sign as Circulator, then mail them back, address on the Instructions.

Any questions, please email me at dbmdreferendum2022@gmail.com or call at443-963-2001. 

Here are links to 3 pdf documents. 

Petition and instructions with QR codes: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/Petiton-Bill-Instructions.pdf

Flyer with QR code: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/CPW_Petition_Flyer_QR.pdf   

Text of the Law: http://link.rm0005.net/client_files/DefendLife/hb0937T.pdf

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