Monday, May 16, 2022

A beautiful life of faith is the fruit of Catholic Tradition

Pictured here are members of my parish family after the 11 AM Sunday traditional Mass. Please pray that they will not be cast out of their church home as the horror of Traditionis custodes threatens.

Our 8 am weekly Sunday traditional Latin Mass draws up to 40 persons and our 11 am TLM on Sundays has grown in just over 11 years from a weekly average of about 30 people, many elderly, to the vibrant community of all ages you see pictured here that has numbered up to 140 people.

Please pray that the local shepherds of the “Church of accompaniment”, the field hospital that treats all wounded sinners with compassion and without prejudice, will not cast these faithful out of their own church in which they have just recently unveiled a monumental new apse mural, lamps and chandeliers as pictured below.

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