Monday, April 4, 2022

Why won’t your parents take you to the traditional Latin Mass?

Is there a parent alive who won’t tell you they’ll do anything for their children? I think not.

How many youth programs have we see started up, flounder then abandoned in so many parishes? For how many teen-related parish programs have we seen exhaustive fundraising efforts time and time again. LifeTeen summer camp, the Valhalla of boulevardier teen groups, alone requires thousands of dollars.

Remember guitars? The reason we got those in the 70’s was because, as we were told, “the kids want it”. So, sixty years on, gray-headed “folk” groups play Sunday after Sunday to ever dwindling groups in quickly emptying churches. The kids never wanted it: the parents did. And the parents wanted it because the priests wanted it. And the priests wanted it because the self-anointed liturgy cognoscenti declared it all the rage.

Yet, now when the talk of the universal Church is that “the kids want the TLM”, many parents refuse to do that one thing for the kids: take them to TLM. And it costs nothing beyond what they are already spending to get the family to novus ordo every Sunday.

I think I know what the reason is. More on that later.

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