Monday, April 11, 2022

Church Militant wrong again: man identified is not “New Catholic” at Rorate Caeli

I know enough to know that the individual Church Militant claims they have identified as blogger “New Catholic” at Rorate Caeli is not who they say he is. I’ve interacted with both the named individual and “New Catholic”/ Rorate Caeli on a personal level for years both as author on the site and as subject of blog posts.

“New Catholic” has, over a period of years, successfully concealed his identity from even those working most closely with him. I know the individual being doxxed by Church Militant very well, on a personal and social level in my work as a priest for a period of more than 10 years. In that time through a number of discussions I have conducted my own “investigation” as it were, agd verified for myself that the individual in question is not the prime mover at Rorate Caeli who operates under the monicker “New Catholic”.

You can take my word for it. Or not. 

Contrary to the unfounded rumors and calumnies of the latest slime campaign at Church Militant the identity of “New Catholic” remains anonymous despite this latest failed attempt at serious journalism. The libelous screed found at following link:

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