Friday, April 29, 2022

So Father Mike Schmitz gets a tattoo from a 700 year old parlor in Jerusalem. We have a Mass that’s over 700 years old. Has Fr Schmitz gotten Jesus from that?

In one of his many videos Father Mike Schmitz talks about going to Jerusalem and being impressed with the fact that there is a 700 year old tattoo parlor there for Christian tattoos. By his own confession it was in part the venerable patina of years of tradition behind it that convinced him to avail himself of the wearable art vended by that exotic establishment.

In response to Father Schmitz I propose that the Church has something even more wonderful and even older than that: we have a 700+ year-old Mass where you can get Jesus, not just ink on your epidermis, but the very Flesh and Blood of God to give grace to your human flesh and blood. Are you at least as impressed with the traditional Latin Mass as you are with a tattoo parlor of lesser antiquity? To be consistent, when will you be offering the traditional Latin Mass and getting, not a tattoo, but Jesus Himself from this ancient tradition?

Now, perhaps I labor under a false assumption. Perhaps Fr Schmitz does indeed offer the holy Mass of All Time. If so, when will we be blessed to also view a video of that?

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