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My latest column: “Of henchmen and hirelings”

Of Henchmen And Hirelings

February 3, 2022


When division over the liturgy began to be reignited in the Church last July after publication of a papal document outlawing what the Church has always done, an archbishop made a revealing comment to a priest who offers the now-banned Traditional Mass. He said, “The bishops don’t appreciate being treated like the Pope’s henchmen.”
Revealing. In a couple of ways. The bishops in this country do not support all of the plots fomented in Rome. They don’t think causing a war over the Mass of all time is a fight worth taking up. And they resent being instrumentalized by those who are pushing a modernist agenda in the Church.

The Church is in a state of implosion as church buildings are being closed all the time and shrinking congregations are being consolidated into smaller and more affordable physical plants. Is this the time to be alienating and pushing out of the Church one of the last groups in the Church whose members go to Sunday Mass and believe all that the Church teaches in faith and morals

If these people stand in the way of the birth of a new religion and a “new Church” the answer for many is yes. It doesn’t matter to some leaders in the Church how small the Church gets as long as it’s “correct.”

A story is told of a group of traditional Catholics who were accustomed to using a church in Rome each year for the Easter vigil. One year the owners of the building asked them to go elsewhere because they wished to stage their own Easter vigil in the new rite. Some members of the traditional group did not get the word about the changed venue and showed up as usual for the vigil. There were four people in attendance.
This is symbolic of the ruthless agenda of the modernizers. Their scorched-earth policy is not about people. They don’t care who survives the implementation of the new agenda. The sheep are lost in a scenario in which the ones charged with being shepherds forget the purpose of their calling.

The Church is currently suffering from an ecclesial version of brain-eating bacteria. The modernist agenda of turning toward the world for the truth and turning away from God whenever the world demands it is inimical to the faith and toxic for souls. Some bishops are not taking into account the consequences of implementing the full modernist agenda.”

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