Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Eliminating the papacy: mission impossible?

Take a look at Patrick Coffin’s video here:


Consider the points he makes, which have been made by others before him and then, when you’re done doing that, re-examine all of Pope Francis’ behavior from the very beginning. Ask yourself, is it outside the realm of possibility that Francis’ mission includes eliminating the papacy itself?

At this point we cannot logically rule out anything.

You can take a look at his approach to doctrine as a way of answering the question. By his words and behavior he makes evident a consistent “allergic” reaction to established Catholic doctrine of any kind. He seems to revel or delight in causing confusion, which is the opposite behavior of those who are clear in their doctrine and teaching as a pope should be.

Recall that he eliminated the traditional title of “Vicar of Christ” in a recent edition of the Annuario Pontificio, the Vatican yearbook. These reasons and more add up to a rejection of the teaching office that is inherent to the papacy.

When you consider all of this it makes sense that a likely part of his mission as an agent of the Sankt Galen mafia is to eliminate the role of the pope. Or at least render it completely useless for the sake of doctrine and an office to which no one any longer looks for guidance in faith or morals.

Pope Francis has stated that he wants to remain in office long enough to ensure that the changes he makes are irreversible. Eliminating a possible future successor would be one way of accomplishing this.

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