Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The doom of the new Mass

By working through his appointees to ban the traditional Latin Mass the pope will, far from prolonging the life of the Vatican II Mass as he desires, by default through imposing it upon the Church, rather seal its doom as it becomes associated thereby with the heresy of giving Communion to adulterers (a la Amoris Laetitia), promoting LGBTQ activity (a la audience with James Martin), look the other way on abortion (smiling audiences without comment with Biden and Pelosi), paganism and idolatry (pachamama bowl on altar in St Peter’s, Rome) redefining marriage and supporting the unnatural mutilation of transgender (see Martin again).

Consider the question this way: what is the unity that the ancient Mass supposedly threatens and for which reason it must be eliminated according to those currently in power?  Certainly not unity in Christ: the liturgy is divinely revealed by Christ, ever flows from Him, reveals Him, and leads to Him. The liturgy which itself reveals Christ cannot ever threaten unity in Christ.

No, it is the advance of and false “unity” around the non-Catholic and evil agenda of the Antichrist that the ancient liturgy threatens. That is all.

There can be no Catholic unity around falsehood, sacrilege and immorality, that is to say, sin. Unity is possible only centered in Christ through grace, and the truth, beauty and goodness found infinitely and eternally in Him alone.

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