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My latest column: “God’s Order in the Court”


God’s Order In The Court

December 9, 2021


Satanic disorder tears at the human fabric of this nation, with deadly effect daily, in the assaults against and taking of lives.
Recently a 15-year-old child in Michigan violently murdered fellow students in yet another school shooting. How do we stop violence outside the womb when we are not willing to hold back the weapons of death under the guise of legal murder in abortion against the most defenseless and most innocent inside the womb? How can we teach our young to cherish, guard, and tenderly care for human life when we refuse to defend those most vulnerable among us?

We cannot. We cannot begin to turn the tide of violence and bloodshed in this land until we who can do what we must and declare with the full force of law that every human life without exception is sacred from the moment of conception. Only after that is achieved will our young people believe all our words about the value and dignity of human life.

The fact of human nature remains that many, through weakness, only understand good and evil through laws that punish evil and reward good. As long as the law legalizing abortion effectively tells everybody that murder has no consequences in some cases, murder in all cases will all the more easily be entertained as a solution to some of the problems faced in every human life.

Hope for renewed respect for every human life has come through the Texas heartbeat law and the Mississippi statute calling for restrictions which would stop access to legal murder of the preborn at the point they can purportedly feel pain, at 15 weeks.

The absurd defense of legal child murder reached new heights of folly in the Supreme Court deliberations this month in regard to the Mississippi law. Justice Sotomayor, so deeply in the bag for abortion, argued that if a brain-dead person would react to touch as a preborn child in the womb reacts to touch, as if in pain, then you can’t argue against touching the preborn child with the intent to end his or her life.

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