Thursday, December 23, 2021

Pope excoriates Curia according to his Christmas “tradition” : “Spiritual worldliness” cloaked by “doctrine”

The pope spoke to the Roman Curia this week according to Christmas custom and in his comments made some curious remarks.

He cautioned, as he has in the past, against the dangers of “a spiritual worldliness” which he said is, like many other temptations, “hard to unmask, for it is concealed by everything that usually reassures us: our role, the liturgy, doctrine, religious devotion.” (source: Crux)

Doctrine doesn’t conceal anything whatsoever. Quite the opposite. Doctrine does not conceal, it rather reveals. Doctrine reveals and makes plain for us the truth in Christ that is necessary for our salvation.

Liturgy is also a curious inclusion with doctrine in such a grouping. Liturgy is divinely revealed through which Christ speaks and comes to us. We must be attached to liturgy as to Christ Himself.

Very curious and confusing comments indeed. From a pope they are dangerous,


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