Thursday, December 2, 2021

My latest column: “ Chaos In Firm Control Of U.S. Church”


Chaos In Firm Control Of U.S. Church

December 2, 2021


I am currently working my way through a sociological and psychological work entitled The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. In this academic pursuit of over 400 pages, a Christian professor by the name of Carl R. Trueman attempts to explain, among other things, why so many people are no longer Christian. Or, rather, why a significant number of people who describe themselves as Christian have in fact ceased to assent fully with intellect and will to all that the Church teaches in matters of faith and morals.
We’ve seen recently the evidence of the crisis in Eucharistic belief among practicing Catholics. A Pew Research survey found that a mere one-third of Catholics believe Transubstantiation takes place at Holy Mass so that, as a result, the host and the wine become the true, Real and substantial Presence of Jesus Christ.
At their November meeting, the bishops hoped to tackle both that and the scandal of public sinners, including the current president and the speaker of the House, receiving Communion while at the same time aggressively promoting the legal slaughter of human babies in the womb. Read the rest: 

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