Wednesday, December 8, 2021

“Nobody in My Home Died from Chinese Coronavirus and That Should Make You Angry“

Over this past month, the Chinese coronavirus (CCV) found its way into my suburban Chicago home. Three cases, two weeks apart. Two patients were vaccinated, and one was not. All three were symptomatic. 

What did these three CCV sufferers have in common besides shared residency? All three of them were treated for the disease immediately and all three were fever-free and almost symptom-free in under 24 hours.

Today we are hearing reports of new pills being produced by Pfizer and Merck to treat the disease early before it transitions from being a simple viral infection into that of a deadly respiratory infection. Lives will now be saved that before were doomed to be lost.

That, my dear reader, is an outright lie. The members of my household were all treated using drugs and methods available and known to us since almost the very start of the pandemic in March of 2020. Here is what we were prescribed:

  • Ivermectin (3 mg tablets, one per day, five days) 
  • Prednisone (4 mg tablets, six-day declining dose regimen)
  • Azithromycin (6 tablets, 250 mg, five-day regimen)
  • Budesonide (0.5 mg/2 ml, PRN) administered through a nebulizer
  • Supplemented with both zinc and Vitamin D

 The ivermectin could just as easily have been hydroxychloroquine, except for the fact that hydroxychloroquine is sometimes more difficult to get a pharmacy to fill these days than is ivermectin.

Side note on ivermectin: There have been many reports about Ivermectin being a “horse dewormer.” While the animal formulation of Ivermectin is used for that purpose, it is never mentioned that there are over 300 drugs that are used in both humans and animals and not necessarily for the same purpose nor in the same formulation. There are reports of people using the animal formulation of ivermectin. No credible member of the medical community promotes such action. People are doing this because they are desperate and cannot get early treatment from the mainstream medical community.

Here are some interesting facts. Both of the vaccinated household members, presenting with full symptoms, went to a clinic operated by NorthShore Medical Group (one of the two major medical groups near where I live along with Northwestern). Both were initially diagnosed on the spot as having simple sinus infections and were given a script for Flonase. Both were also tested for COVID-19. Both received phone calls an hour later telling them they tested positive. Neither of them was offered treatment by NorthShore.

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