Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who will rule your home and family: Satan or Christ? Choose now.

Is the holy image of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart enthroned in your home? Is a statue of Our Lady given an honored place and crowned for the month of May?

Our Lady is the “terror of demons”, the Woman whose foot crushes the head of Satan. 

Does your home have a crucifix prominently placed?

Are you praying the rosary? Preferably together as a family? Are you praying prior to and blessing your meals and your children before bed or in the morning before the work or studies of day begin?

Choose who will rule over your hearts and homes: Christ or Satan. There is no middle way. Ambiguity and uncertainty do not end with obedience to Christ and humility under God, they end in bondage to the Evil One.

“If you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Attend Sunday Mass and also pray daily during the week. Choose Christ as Lord over your home and expel Satan with the use of holy water, blessed salt and blessed images.

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