Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My latest column: “Prophets and the War on God”


Prophets And The War On God


We are living in an unprecedented time in human history.

Masses were shut down and churches locked in reaction to the COVID scare. As Robert Moynihan points out in a recent interview with Claire Chretien at LifeSiteNews, “The source of grace was blocked for entire nations” when Masses were discontinued, something which has never occurred before. (See for Wednesday, May 12, for the full text of the interview.)

We are in the midst of wars on several fronts. In addition to traitors inside the Church, a Communist regime in Washington has declared a war on the economy, a war on humanity, and a war on God.

A shooting war has broken out in the Holy Land, where peace is ever fragile. Weakness at home has invited aggression. Perhaps it was a hack but, for whatever reason, a gas pipeline was shut down and fuel supplies to the East Coast of the United States were cut off this month. Men and women were fighting at the pumps over a place in the long lines for gas. The regime wants to eliminate fossil fuels and, whether intentional or not, this artificially induced scarcity simulates their end objective very effectively: useless automobiles sitting idle waiting for gas to fill empty tanks.

These are certainly problems also for people of faith. We need to get from A to B like anyone else. The relentless war on God launched by Biden and those who manipulate him, by taking advantage of his evident dementia, however, is of primary concern.

Men who are supposed to be of the Church, but compromised by long addiction to government funds, are unreliable in the fight.

Faith is not allegiance to the highest bidder but rather simply to God because of who He is, above every other consideration.

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